17 More Ways to Market Your Blog, Ebook (or Other Digital Product)

Since I totally blew off my regularly scheduled post yesterday (oops) and my Thursday is lookin’ pretty full too, I figured I give you one large dose today. I also thought I’d go ahead and finish off this marketing series in one fell swoop. In case you missed the first 3 installments of 5 each, you can find them here, here and here. And now I present to you 17 more…

Marketing. You might define it as “spreading the word” about something — a product, an event, a service, anything. I’ve been collecting ideas that I (or others) might use to spread the word about their blog, ebook or other digital product. Of course there are the usual marketing techniques like commenting on other blogs, tweeting on Twitter, updating on Facebook. The following include some oldie but goodies, but many go beyond that too. I haven’t tried all of them myself (yet), but I hope these get your creative juices flowing.

I tried to link to resources for each in case you want to explore and read more. Enjoy!

  1. Promote to your mailing list. Sometimes we spend so much time building our mailing lists, we forget to actually use them! Check out Phil Hollows’s new ebook, List Building for Bloggers (flink) for great list-building advice! (Note, I haven’t finished the entire thing, but I’m workin’ on it! So far, so great!)
  2. Host a podcast or an online radio show. Try a service like BlogTalkRadio.
  3. Guest podcast.
  4. Guest post. It’s a great way to get your blog/brand/product in front of fresh eyes. Here’s how to get your guest post accepted.
  5. Interview someone. Could be done via text or audio. Give an interview.
  6. Create a screencast. I use Screencast-O-Matic to record mine.
  7. Get a Facebook page. Here’s how to create a great Facebook landing page. And all my Facebook tips. And put a Facebook “Like” button on your site. I use the FBLikeButton plugin to do so.
  8. Collaborate and work together. There’s power in numbers. Some examples: The Ultimate Blog Swap4 MomsSimple Ways to Save Money and 31 Days of Amazement.
  9. If you’re design-inclined, create an infographic. These are popular lately. Here’s an infographic tutorial (hat tip to Robert Mening) about how to do it.
  10. Add social media icons to your sidebar.
  11. Lauch something. This tip comes from AZBlogTips and I think it’s great. He says, “Many bloggers take launch to mean something product related, but I’m a big believer that your blog IS your product, and should be launched at least once. If your blog is new, launch it with a bit of a build-up. If it’s not new, maybe you launch a new series of content, a new design, or yes – a product.”
  12. Join email groups like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups. Offer helpful advice and be genuine. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog in your signature.
  13. Submit your site to search engines and directories. Here’s how to submit your site to Google. And to the Open Directory Project (dmoz.org), which is very hard to do, but definitely worth a shot.
  14. PR. 109 Ways to Make Your Business Irresistible to the Media.
  15. Take part in blog contests. (Anyone got any good resources for this?)
  16. Use Quora. Is Quora the next Twitter? Who knows, but here’s how to get started on Quora. (Check out similar sites like Yahoo Answers).
  17. Read Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide by Kikolani. I learned a lot of new-to-me tricks and hints from this ebook!

Did I miss any? What are your favorite marketing ideas or tips?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which I call flinks. Read my disclosure policy for more.

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  1. says

    I’ve hosted blog contests before, and I used extra entries to get people to like the A Gift of Hope Adoptions FB page, follow Twitter, and give me ideas for outreach for my adoption agency. There are huge networks of blog contests, places where you can list your contest, etc. and it will give you a huge spike in traffic. I also enter them all the time and won some nice stuff!

  2. says

    Hi Amy

    Incredibly comprehensive list! I like offline methods too, like networking with people in my niche at seminars, meetups, for coffee, wherever!

    Thanks for sharing :).

  3. says


    Amazing list! I am trying to think of more ways but you seemed to have covered all the best and most reputable ways. My favorite way of “spreading the word” is simply getting around. Finding great posts and commenting. Starting conversation on Facebook. Replying to comments on my own blog. Just being social. Yet I will try all these ideas.

    As for blog contests. I know one is going on right now at http://weblogbetter.com/.