How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Swag-Buck!

If you read yesterday’s post about how to earn gift cards (and prizes) easily with Swagbucks, here’s an added bonus follow up. :)

Dianna pointed out that there is a maximum number of identical prizes you can redeem in a day (2) and in a month (5).

So, for example, I mentioned yesterday that the best value in (usable-to-me) gift cards is the Amazon $5 gift card. Therefore, even if I earn enough Swagbucks to redeem 6 or 9 or 25 $5 Amazon gift cards in a month, I can’t. I’m limited to 5. I can, however, hold my Swagbucks and get $5 Amazon gift cards next month or, I can redeem my Swagbucks for a different prize in the same month. Clear as mud?


I wanted a cheat sheet so I know exactly what to redeem next. (Incidentally, what I thought was a brilliant idea I later realized had already been done by my Twitter friend Carrie. I should have known; she’s smart like that.)

Here’s my “next best” list which reminds me what the best values are. It pays to chart it out because, as you can see, there are some surprises. I mean, who knew that it’s a much better deal to save up for a $50 Amazon gift card than it is to grab the $25 Amazon gift card!

The Biggest BANG for My SwagBUCK

Gift Card Cost in Swagbucks # of Swagbucks for $1
$5 Amazon 450 90 <– BEST VALUE!
$25 PayPal 2500 100
$50 Southwest Airlines 5700 114
$50 Amazon 5900 118
$300 Apple (Mac) 37,000 123.3
$15 iTunes 1850 123.3
$10 Barnes & Noble 1250 125
$25 Amazon 3150 126
$10 Starbucks 1300 130

(Note: these are the gift cards that most appeal to me. There are lots of other prizes and gift cards available, so you may want to browse through the selection to see if there are any others that interest you.)

Have you signed up yet? How will you spend your Swagbucks?

photo credit: uhuru1701 via photopin cc

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  1. Anna-Marie says

    I earn, on average, over 5,000 swagbucks a month (via daily polls, surveys, swagbucks tv, searches, etc.) I have just redeemed my second $50 Cara/Bonapetit e-Gift Card so it is possible! I love Swagbucks.

  2. Terra says

    You left off a big one… PAYPAL! For 2500, you get a $25 paypal payment, for 5000, you get a $50 paypal payment, and for 10000 you get a $100 paypal payment! Not bad for actual cash in your pocket!

    • says

      Thank you Terra! Yes, this is an older post (that I clearly need to update!) and PayPal wasn’t an option back then. But GREAT POINT! I will certainly add it.

  3. says

    That surprised me! I never realized that the values were different! Now I really think I ought to get the $5 gift cards from Amazon because it’s the best value! Thanks Amy!

    Colton Moon

  4. says

    I have been doing Swagbucks for a long time too- love them!! I am also trying out another similar program called Superpoints (just today), where you earn giftcards, too. You do have to get a referral to sign up for them- not like Swagbucks where you can just go and sign up, with or without a referral. I did post about them on my site today with a few referrals- but you can also search them and maybe pick up a referral that way.

    I don’t really know yet how good Superpoints will be, since I just joined, too- but I figure free giftcards are always worth a shot, LOL!!

  5. says


    I have recently started using Swagbucks,… I’ll be checking back for more info….

    But, forgive me if I am wrong, but isn’t the $5 Amazon card the best value (better than the $25?)

    Did you just mention the $25 vs $50 scenario b/c you have that many to redeem?

    • Amy says

      Yep! $5 is definitely the best value! I mentioned that at the beginning of the post. :) I just mentioned the $25 vs. $50 later because many people automatically assume they should just grab the $25 when it’s definitely better to wait if you can! Hope that makes sense. :)

  6. says

    When you are ordering from Amazon and using your $5 GC from Swag Bucks, can you use more than one $5 gift card per transaction?


  7. says

    Another great post Amy. I always cash out for the $5 Amazon GC because they are so useful. I posted about how I used Amazon GC to pay for all of my children’s home school text/work & reading books. That was an exhilarating feeling to save up throughout the summer and last school year. I saved just under $200 out of pocket.

    Another great thing I found out and posted about was using Amazon Gift cards for birthdays. Did you that you can print them out from your computer and give them to the recipient? They have some really cute designs and they can work anytime as a last minute gift idea.

    Swagbucks/Amazon gift cards helps me save money on all sorts of things that I would normally had to pay for out of my budget.

  8. says

    Great Post! I personally like the short term goal of 450 as well since I, like Sharon :), do not have the problem of raking in the SB’s in the thousands. I am going to link to you in a post I love the chart!

  9. says

    Just reached 450 today and would have gotten the same thing as you without seeing this chart! I’ll hold off for a bigger Amazon gift card. Thanks for the comparison chart.

    • Amy says

      I love reaching 450 Swagbucks because then I can get a $5 Amazon gift card which is the best value! (I hope my chart wasn’t too confusing.) :)

      • Rose says

        But depending on how many “bucks” you can earn in a month, wouldn’t it make more sense to go for the $25 paypal cash? Not only can you use it offline, but you can get more than one ($50) in a month… maybe even three ($75) if you have a good referral roll going, while 3 ($5) amazon ones is only $15… maxing at 5 for only $25 total. I guess if you mixed and matched would be the best sort.

        • says

          Yes, holding out for cash is definitely nice (and my preference). :) However, when you’re just starting out, it can take a super long time to reach the threshold for a $25 PayPal payout. So, for a quick treat, I like a $5 Amazon gift card too, especially since there is no shortage of things I can find on Amazon. LOL

  10. Kim says

    You can cash out for Lands End at 579 swagbucks for $5 and 1099 swagbucks for $10. The Lands End gift cards can be used at KMart and Sears. The KMart/Sears giftcard is priced at 649 swagbucks for $5 or 1249 swagbucks for $10. Most people are unaware that Lands End gift cards are accepted at Kmart/Sears. You would save 70 swagbucks on a $5 giftcard and 150 swagbucks on a $10 giftcard.