How I Coach Myself Through the Unexpected

My traffic has plummeted in the last month. When I say “plummeted” I mean it has dropped almost 40%. And as of this morning, it’s still going down. That’s significant. Traffic always fluctuates but I don’t remember a time when it’s dropped like this.

How I coach myself through the unexpected.

The bulk of our income comes from this blog and related projects. Our income is not tied only to traffic, but it’s tied nonetheless. Traffic’s down, income’s down. It has caused concern.

There’s a fine line between concern and panic. My usual self leans heavily in the direction of panic. [Read more…]

Elite Blog Academy: My Review

Updated April 27, 2015

Please note this course is now closed and won’t open again until 2016. However, feel free to read about it below.

Wondering if Elite Blog Academy is for you? This is my honest review after purchasing it at the end of 2014. Like all online products, I think it’s right for some, but not all. I hope this post will help you decide if it’s right for you. The links in this post are my referral links.

elite blog academy review

What is Elite Blog Academy (EBA)?

Elite Blog Academy is an online course intended to help bloggers “take their blogs to the next level.” The focus is on making income, although the first part of the course covers the basics of laying a good blogging foundation. If you don’t yet have your blog started, you will certainly want to do that first, since the course assumes you already have. (You can follow my simple steps to do that here.) [Read more…]

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides services to individuals, organizations or companies via the internet. It’s an excellent work-at-home opportunity and one most of us can do. It’s simply a matter of charging others for a skill you already have.

how to become a virtual assistant

A lot of people hear “virtual assistance” and think of administrative assistance, but the possibilities are much more broad. The internet has made it possible to do a wide variety of things remotely, or, “virtually.”
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How To Get More Website Traffic

Updated: March 20, 2015

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: How can I get more traffic to my blog or website?

How to get more website traffic.

Website traffic can be elusive. While there are no guaranteed solutions, there are some good practices. Here are my tips: [Read more…]

How to Start a Blog

Updated March 31, 2015

If you want to know how to start a blog, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to work from home, author a book, get more exposure for your existing business or simply write, starting a blog and/or website is highly recommended.

How to start a blog in 15 minutes or less, step by step.

The following steps outline exactly how I’ve built most of my own sites. This guide has helped countless others get started too.
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