How to Add the NoFollow Tag to A Link

When a search engine robot (“bot”) lands on a page on your site, it crawls through and reads the text on that page. This is how it figures out what your page is about.

Once it knows what your page is about, it can index your page and show it in search results when people are looking for that type of content.

But sometimes it’s not so straightfoward.

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When to Buy (& Not Buy) the Genesis All-Theme Package

Ah, WordPress themes. Thousands of choices. What to choose? I’ve used many WordPress themes for blog design – on my own blog and as a web designer for others – but a few years ago I found Genesis (made by StudioPress) and have used it ever since.

genesis all theme package

2 things I like about Genesis

  1. There are tons of themes to choose from (see them all here*) making allowing you virtually any “look” you want.
  2. The themes are built well, unlike many of the thousands of WordPress themes available online.

The solution to my fickleness and experimentation

I’m one of those types that likes to switch things up every once in a while so a few years back I bought the All-Theme Package. This gives me all the Genesis themes, both past and future, for one fixed price (a $1000 value).

For me, it has paid for itself many times over. Read on to see if it might do the same for you.

Genesis pro plus package

I would not jump on this deal if…

  • You hate dealing with your theme and you have a designer who can help.
  • Your current design is working well for you, you love it and you have no plans of changing it any time soon.
  • You don’t have plans to start a new blog or website anytime in the near future (for an ebook, an author site, another project, etc).
  • You are on a budget and/or could use the money for something else!
  • You are not interested in becoming a blog or web designer.

Consider this deal if…

  • You’re a website/blog designer or would like to become one.
  • You like to change your design regularly. (Like yours truly.)
  • You would like to “test drive” different themes before you land on something long-term.
  • You anticipate starting another blog or website in the future (for your book, project, product, business or special topic).

If that’s you, check it out here!

Also, want to make money?

If you blog about design or use Genesis yourself, make sure you become a StudioPress affiliate so you get paid whenever someone buys Genesis through your affiliate link. Sign up for their affiliate program here.

“Hey Amy, what theme do you use?”

I’m often asked which Genesis theme I use. My current design is the Sixteen Nine Pro* theme that I customized.

*There are affiliate links in this post.

Brilliant Business Mom’s Podcast Interview

I subscribed to the Brilliant Business Mom’s podcast* a few months ago and have enjoyed the episodes Beth Anne and Sarah have produced.

brilliant business moms

In a recent edition of The Useletter (subscribe here if you’re not already), I shared a tip from one of their podcast guests, Hayley from The Tiny Twig. Shortly thereafter, I was honored when Beth Anne and Sarah reached out and invited me to join them on their show. So fun!

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How I Use My Editorial Calendar

Many people have asked me how I keep track of the tips I share in The Useletter. Here’s a basic rundown of my process.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Update: Several of you have asked if I would share my template. I’m more than happy to. You can find it here. It includes directions and both a 2014 and 2015 calendar (navigate via the tabs). To edit it and use as your own, you must copy it first to your own Google Drive. Click File –> Make a copy. Look for it listed in your Drive as “Copy of Editorial Calendar Template.” Open it and go!

My Editorial Calendar Show Notes

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How to get more email subscribers by using a P.S.

The Buffer folks wrote a post explaining how they doubled their email signups in 30 days. One simple thing they did was to link to their email signup form in a P.S., replacing a link to related content on their blog. The idea here is that everyone loves and reads a P.S. right? (I usually do!) I like this idea, especially since your list is a better asset in the long run and links to related content can be easily inserted directly in the post body anyway. Scroll down to the end of this post to see their P.S. in action.