10 Blog Design Dos & Don’ts

If you adhere to the tips below, you’ll be well on your way to a great blog design.

I would like to preface this by saying that for every item listed here, you’ll find a successful website that does exactly the opposite. I would say those are exceptions to the rules.

Blog design dos and don'ts. Tips I recommend.

1. Make sure your site is mobile responsive

As more and more people access the internet via their handheld devices, it’s important that your site shows up well, regardless of gadget. This handy tool lets you see what your site looks like on various screen sizes. Just enter your URL.

2. Do make your blog’s purpose immediately apparent

Visitors should be able to tell within 3 seconds what your blog is about. Use a bio box, tagline or something similar to communicate it. Would visitors be able to describe to others what you do?

3. Use lots of whitespace

Whitespace allows your site to breathe and is less overwhelming.

4. Don’t clutter your sidebars with all sorts of gadgets and widgets

Only keep things that have a meaningful purpose.

5. Do keep your header height minimal

Don’t make your header image so tall that visitors have to scroll down excessively to see your content.

6. Do make navigation clear and obvious

You don’t want a visitor to land on your site, read one page, not know where to go next and therefore leave. You want them to stick around a while!

Bonus navigation tip: Have you ever visited a site, clicked what you thought was a link in the navigation menu and nothing happened? Then you realized there was a dropdown menu under that “link” and you were supposed to click on one of the options in the dropdown menu instead? Frustrating, right? As a site owner, I suggest you make that main navigation menu item a real link, so people don’t click with no result. Make it clickable, even if it links to one of the same pages that one of the dropdown items links to. (If that’s confusing, I dug up a very old explanation video here. Don’t laugh at me. :))

7. Don’t have auto-play music on your blog

Many an unsuspecting blog reader has come upon a site that scares the eebie jeebies out of them (or worse, their sleeping infant!) when the auto-play music starts blaring. The same goes for auto-play videos.

8. Do put a contact link, button or page on your blog

Do make it clearly visible. Blogging is part of social media and is meant to be engaging.

9. Do look at your blog from a reader’s point of view

Does your site make sense to a new visitor? If you’re not sure, have a trusted friend look at it for you.

10. Don’t use light text on a dark background

This is extremely difficult to read and is hard on the eyes.

Optional resources

Blog design tips. Dos and don'ts to remember.

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