How to Make Money Blogging – 2015 Edition

If you’ve ever wondered how to make money blogging, you’ve come to the right place. My goal was to create a one-stop guide with as much up-to-date information about blogging for money as possible. Let’s get started!

make money blogging

Introduction – Can the average person make money blogging?
Things You Need
How It Works
The Bottom Line
Ways to Make Money Blogging

Where to Begin
Next Steps
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Elite Blog Academy: My Review

Is Elite Blog Academy* right for you? I think it’s right for some, I don’t think it’s right for all. This post contains my in-depth review aimed at helping you decide.

Is Elite Blog Academy worth it? Review by Amy Lynn Andrews.

What is Elite Blog Academy (EBA)?

Elite Blog Academy is an online course intended to help bloggers “take their blogs to the next level.” The focus is on making more income, although the first part of the course covers the basics of laying a good blogging foundation. If you don’t yet have your blog set up, you will certainly want to do that first since the course assumes you already have. (You can follow my simple steps to do that here.)

First, total transparency:

  • I paid $299 for the course when it went on sale for Black Friday 2014. I did not get it for free. My goal is to write an objective review from the standpoint of a paying customer.
  • I have watched every unit video included in the course, start to finish. I also downloaded and read the course outline, the handouts, each of the unit outlines and the bonus materials. I have not personally implemented everything suggested, nor did I watch 100% of the two Live Q&A replay videos yet.
  • While I don’t know Ruth super well, I have met her in person and found her to be delightful. I have no reason to believe she’s anything but totally legit. (She’s also tall, which I appreciate because us tall girls have to stick together!)
  • I am an affiliate for Elite Blog Academy which means I will get a commission if you choose to buy it through any of my affiliate links.

Here’s what you get

  1. 12 Course Units – The course is split into 12 units (plus a course intro). Each unit consists of a video (averaging about 10 minutes), fill-in-the-blank worksheets to go along with the video, 1-2 handouts with extra info not necessarily covered explicitly in the video and 2-4 guided action step assignments. A few of the units have bonus materials such as resource lists, etc.
  2. 2 Live Q&A Videos – These are live hour-long videos where Ruth answers members’ questions. (The website indicates there are 4 videos although as of this writing, there are only 2. I assume the other 2 are scheduled for the future.)
  3. Private Forum – This is where members can interact with one another, and Ruth as well. (The website indicates you’ll have access to a private Facebook group, but that was for the first class only. New members will now engage in a private forum right on the EBA website.)

Is the material worth the cost?

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the price of the course, I was taken aback. For me, $299 is a hefty chunk of change (and it’s going up to $399 next time it opens in the spring of 2015).  [Read more…]

Making Money Blogging? The Bank Account I Use

Making money blogging is great but it’s also challenging because income comes in from many sources. Once I started making money from my blog, it became clear I needed a separate bank account to relieve some of the confusion.

My personal choice as a sole proprietor? A 360 Checking® Account* from Capital One 360 (formerly an Electric Orange checking account from ING Direct).

It’s an online account which means you can’t go to a brick & mortar branch, but there are no fees. Score.

*There are affiliate links in this post.

How to Add the NoFollow Tag to A Link

When a search engine robot (“bot”) lands on a page on your site, it crawls through and reads the text on that page. This is how it figures out what your page is about.

Once it knows what your page is about, it can index your page and show it in search results when people are looking for that type of content.

But sometimes it’s not so straightfoward.

nofollow tag [Read more…]

When to Buy (& Not Buy) the Genesis All-Theme Package

Ah, WordPress themes. Thousands of choices. What to choose? I’ve used many WordPress themes for blog design – on my own blog and as a web designer for others – but a few years ago I found Genesis (made by StudioPress) and have used it ever since.

genesis all theme package

2 things I like about Genesis

  1. There are tons of themes to choose from (see them all here*) making allowing you virtually any “look” you want.
  2. The themes are built well, unlike many of the thousands of WordPress themes available online.

The solution to my fickleness and experimentation

I’m one of those types that likes to switch things up every once in a while so a few years back I bought the All-Theme Package. This gives me all the Genesis themes, both past and future, for one fixed price (a $1000 value).

For me, it has paid for itself many times over. Read on to see if it might do the same for you.

Genesis pro plus package

I would not jump on this deal if…

  • You hate dealing with your theme and you have a designer who can help.
  • Your current design is working well for you, you love it and you have no plans of changing it any time soon.
  • You don’t have plans to start a new blog or website anytime in the near future (for an ebook, an author site, another project, etc).
  • You are on a budget and/or could use the money for something else!
  • You are not interested in becoming a blog or web designer.

Consider this deal if…

  • You’re a website/blog designer or would like to become one.
  • You like to change your design regularly. (Like yours truly.)
  • You would like to “test drive” different themes before you land on something long-term.
  • You anticipate starting another blog or website in the future (for your book, project, product, business or special topic).

If that’s you, check it out here!

Also, want to make money?

If you blog about design or use Genesis yourself, make sure you become a StudioPress affiliate so you get paid whenever someone buys Genesis through your affiliate link. Sign up for their affiliate program here.

“Hey Amy, what theme do you use?”

I’m often asked which Genesis theme I use. My current design is the Sixteen Nine Pro* theme that I customized.

*There are affiliate links in this post.