Blogging Q&A Hangout on Air Replay

Despite a few hiccups at the beginning, the Blogging Q&A Hangout on Air was fun! I think we’ll do it again.

I’m posting it here in case you missed it.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Video Notes:

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

Feel free to forward to the spot in the video (designated by time) to get right to the answer you want to see!

  • 04:52 – “Should I use my blog name or my real name on Google+ for my page?”
  • 07:02 – In response to your comment about ditching Facebook, the question is “Do you really think we should ditch Facebook?”
  • 12:20 – “What are your top three pieces of advice for newbie bloggers?”
  • 20:03 – “What are the best WordPress plugins for SEO?”
  • 20:40 – “How do you connect Google+ with your blog”
  • 22:04 – “How do you redirect URLs?”
  • 24:16 – “How do you recommend staying on top of all the new developments in blogging and on the Internet?”
  • 25:38 – “What’s an accurate way to track my stats?”

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  1. Melissa Zoske says

    You Rock Amy. I never thought I would learn this stuff and instead of being totally stressed out which is the opposite of what my business is all about-lol, I’m totally excited and having fun! Thank you for putting all of this into good old fashion American language that I can understand!!

  2. says

    This was great! As a blog designer and blogger, I am curious about the whole Feedburner thing. Do you recommend getting another RSS feed service? After the death of Google Reader, I’m worried they’ll kill Feedburner, too! Thoughts?

  3. Sheila says

    Thanks so much for sharing this with your community. I have been reading you for a while and recently subscribed to your useletter. I learned a lot and really enjoy the video format.

  4. says

    Hi Amy
    Dig your first Hangout recording. They say try something new every day! LOL
    I loved watching your brain work as you sussed out why you were hearing everything twice – then you twigged YouTube needed closing down. Haha!
    It reminds me of my 1st webinar when I realised after half an hour I didn’t have the microphone switched on. Yeah, you’ve godda laugh!
    I didn’t listen to the whole hangout – I was more interested in seeing how you got on with your first one (I felt for you, honest… 😉 ) and just how hangouts work.

    But I did click in at 7 minutes – (good idea to put the timestamps in :) ) to your “Facebook is getting dated” part – and I admit I am leaning more and more in the same direction. FB is so-o-o-o 2012!
    I am certainly putting time and effort into learning to use Google better as well as Facebook. I do agree with you that Google just seems to have more “legs” than Facebook. I feel much more confident that Google plus will be strong in 5 years than Facebook.

    I’m currently choosing between HootSuite and Buffer for managing my social accounts. Neither is perfect. HootSuite won’t stream your Facebook page newsfeed (lots of moans about that) and Buffer won’t stream G+ at all (yet).

    Any suggestions on easiest ways to monitor streams and post to them? I am interested in keeping on top of:
    FB Profile
    FB Page
    G+ Profile

    Thanks and well done again 😉


  5. says

    It was great to join in this morning. I got interrupted a few times, but it was so easy to pause the live video and then just pick up right where I left off. Thanks for the great blogging tips!