6 Blogging Takeaways from The Ultimate Bundle Sale

I’m sorry, this sale is now over.

There are only a few hours left of The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle sale. This sale will not happen again so if you’ve been thinking about it, I suggest you take advantage of it now. It’s a library of almost 100 ebooks, a $640 value for $29.97. A sweet deal indeed. You can see all the ebooks in it here.

ultimate bundle

For many of us who have been part of this sale, it’s been a fascinating few weeks as we’ve prepared for and walked through it. This wasn’t just a few moms who threw their ebooks into a bundle to make a few bucks. This was a serious business endeavor resulting in thousands and thousands of dollars exchanging hands.

I thought I would highlight some of my takeaways.

1. You can’t skip building relationships

When someone asks me how they can grow their blog or make money blogging, I always tell them to build relationships. It’s not a popular answer because relationships take time, but it’s very difficult to gain traction online if you don’t get to know others. All 75 authors who participated in this sale had a connection to at least one other person in the group. Building genuine relationships takes time but it’s worth it.

2. Harness the hiccups

Whether you’re launching a new blog, an book or a bundle sale, there are always hiccups when you launch something new. Embrace that fact and push through. Don’t let the hiccups, or the fear of hiccups, keep you from doing it. A few hours into the sale I started a “#FAIL” list. This is my goofy way of keeping track of the things I would do differently if I have a similar opporutnity down the road.

3. The biggest gain isn’t necessarily monetary

If we only look at the sales figures or the revenue totals, we’re missing some of the most advantageous benefits of this sale. Some other direct effects have been increased traffic, widened exposure, individual ebook sales boosts and most importantly, new relationships and partnerships. Those things have the potential to reap great rewards down the road.

4. Create your own product

There are a lot of ways to make money as a blogger. Creating your own product is one of the best income streams of all because it gives you leverage and options. Clearly, without my own ebook, I couldn’t have participated in this sale. I highly recommend creating your own product. Publishing an ebook is an easy and doable place to start.

5. Get your own site

And you’ll need your own website (or blog) too. In fact, I’d recommend you get a site while you’re working on your product. In the future, I firmly believe having your own website will become as common as having your own email address.

6. Pick yourself

Maybe you already have a site and a product and you want to be part of a sale like this but you haven’t been asked. I think Seth Godin was the first one who said, “Pick yourself.” In other words, don’t wait to be asked by someone else, start something yourself and ask others to join you! The internet has made it possible to connect with others, pool your resources and research how to pull it off.

ultimate homemaking ebook bundle

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    Great information you have provided in your post..Thanks for sharing such fabulous post with us.. Waiting for next post.. Keep sharing…!!

  2. says

    Great share! I plan on converting the material from my site into an eBook this Fall. Check out collegegogreen.blogspot.com and let me know what you think we need feed back!

  3. says

    Completely agree. Without relationship we will hardly develop any kind opportunity, so we should never skip this!

  4. says

    I’ve tried selling ebook so many times that the thought of it just tires me out. Is is a bigger advantage selling a bundle of ebooks as opposed to selling one?

    • says

      Hi Charles, I think the benefit here was that the bundle allowed us all to spread the marketing efforts around and thus multiply them. So, if you can get into a bundle, I would go for it. Marketing is definitely the hardest part as a self-publisher, but I’ve heard the same to be true for published authors as well. This is why building relationships is so key.

  5. Amber says

    I love the idea of the #fail list! Definitely adding this to my evernote practices. Thanks!

    • says

      This is such a great attitude to have and I’m with you–I’ve learned so much as well! You’re right, that stuff is so valuable going forward.