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Things I make, like & use

The Useletter
Tools I Use
My Knowtbook
The #HeyAmy Show

Starting a blog

What is a Blog?
12 Reasons to Start a Blog
How to Blog
How to Decide What to Blog About
How to Start a Blog
Blogging FAQ
11 Blog Organization Tips
My Tips for New Bloggers

100+ posts about blogging, traffic, social media & more.

WordPress basics

How to Login to WordPress
What are Permalinks and How to Choose Them
How to Change an Admin User and Why It’s Important
Important Settings to Configure in WordPress
How to Make Your Site Static (Not a Blog)
How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed on Your Blog Pages
How to Write a Post in WordPress
How to Eliminate Distractions While Writing in WordPress
How to Schedule WordPress Posts
How to Post to WordPress from Anywhere on the Web
How to Use WordPress Widgets
How to Get More Post Formatting Options
How to Update WordPress
How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode
How to Backup Your WordPress Site


How to Install Plugins
Plugin Tips
My Favorite Plugins


How to Install Google Analytics
What is RSS? What is a Feed?
How to Add Something to Your Feed’s Footer
How (& When) to Add the Nofollow Tag to a Link
How to Link Within a Page
How to Access Your File Manager
How to Use FTP
How to Deal With Warnings & Errors


My Top Branding Tips
How to Choose a Domain Name


How to Choose a Theme and What I Use
What is a Child Theme?
How to Install a Theme in WordPress
Genesis Theme Resource List
When to Buy (& Not Buy) the Genesis All-Theme Package
How to Make a Favicon and Install It
10 Blog Design Dos & Don’ts
Designers I Recommend


What is Good Traffic?
How to Get More Website Traffic
How I Coach Myself Through the Unexpected


What is SEO?
7 SEO Tips
What is Author Rank?

Creating Content

How to Write a Killer About Page
My Top Writing Tips
Anatomy of a Good Blog Post
11 Ways to Recycle Old Content
10 Ways to Optimize Exit Pages
How I Use My Editorial Calendar
My Top Guest Posting Tips
How to Create a Call to Action

Working with Images

Tips for Using Images on Your Blog
How to Make a Blog Button
How to Make a Clickable Image


How to Write an Ebook
Why I Turned Down a Book Deal


My Top Networking Tips
Why You Should Be Part of a Mastermind Group
10 Tips for Commenting on Blogs
Elite Blog Academy: My Review

Social Media

My Top Facebook Tips
How to Merge Facebook Pages
What is a Link-Share on Facebook?
My Top Twitter Tips
My Top Pinterest Tips


Tell Your Time
My Top Productivity Tips
Reduce Stress by Setting Sacrifices
What Are You Avoiding? And how?

Email Management

8 Tips for Email Management
5 Tips for Writing Emails
My Top Gmail Tips
How to Set Up Canned Responses (Email Templates) in Gmail
How to Create an Email Signature in Gmail

Making Money Online

11 Things To Do Before Making Money Online
How to Make Money Blogging
How Much Do Bloggers Make?
How to Become a Virtual Assistant
What is Swagbucks?
How to Create a Media Kit
What is a Pitch (And How Do I Know if It’s Good)?
Blogging Taxes: 8 Tips
The Best Business Books

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?
My Top Affiliate Marketing Tips

Online Life

How to Find (or Re-find) Your Passion
How to Be Yourself: Advice from a Five Year Old
“How do you not get discouraged by the success of others?”
The Trouble with Blogging (Or, When You Feel Late to the Game)
The Problem with Goals
Do I Have Blogging Balance?
How to Sabotage Your Blog (and Your Life)
When Blogging is a Burden
Quit Strategically

Legalities & Privacy

Are You Disclosing Properly In Your Posts?
Are You an Amazon Associate? Are You Violating this Term of Service?
Is Your Personal Information Public?
What To Do When Someone Copies Your Content

The Girl Behind the Geek

My Rock Bottom
How We Got Out of Debt
My Most Embarrassing Moment
How to Buy a House: 14 Tips
How to Get Rid of Stuff Painlessly
I Am Delinquent
Our Life’s Motto

100+ posts about blogging, traffic, social media & more.

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