How to Make Your Ebook Available on Kindle & Nook

When I initially wrote my How to Write an Ebook series, I had not yet made my ebook available on Kindle.* I did so soon afterward, and I now generate far more Kindle sales than I do selling via PDF.

Bottom line? Put your ebook in the Kindle Store.

It’s free, and the exposure can really boost sales.

So, how do you get your ebook on Kindle?

If you have already created your ebook, it’s not difficult. I thought about writing out all the steps, but that would take me a super long time and really, you’ll get a lot better information straight from the horse’s mouth. :)

Kindle Direct Publishing is the place you want to go to get your ebook on Kindle and they have nicely outlined the steps to start selling on Kindle. Simply go to the Getting Started section of the Help page (you’ll have to login first) and then navigate through the steps which are listed on the left side of the page.

Also, as a second resource, check out the free ebook called Building Your Book for Kindle (also written by Amazon).

How to make your ebook available on Nook

To make it available on Nook, go to NookPress.

*There are affiliate links in this post.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for this great information! I’m toying with the idea of eBook creation…as a mother, wife, and full time high school teacher, I’ve got enough on my plate as it is, but I want to write!! Just a quick question: when publishing with Kindle, do they put any restrictions on your content, especially if it is available elsewhere (like my blog!)? Thank you!!

  2. Bill Ryan says

    Thank you so much for doing this Amy! I have considered writing an e-book for a while but had doubts. I was nervous I didn’t know enough about it and would find myself in over my head. You have explained everything so thoroughly that you have given me the confidence to give it a shot. After reading all of your posts I actually said out loud “wow it’s not as complicated as I thought, I can do this”. Thank you for that, and for what it’s worth I have bookmarked your page and will definitely be recommending to my friends that they should give it a read.

  3. says

    Thank you for all the tips! I have a hard copy manuscript sitting ina shoe box unpublished, would you recomend trying to change it to an e book? Also, can we use a nom de plum? Thank you Veronica

  4. says


    The information provided was very useful. I was about writing my first ebook and require some information. What I read actually helped and I believe it has helped lots of people like me as well.

    I wish you surpassing success in your next ebook.

  5. says

    I got referred to your blog because I’m about to start writing my very first eBook. I am so glad I got referred to you because it’s the best information I have found by far – and all in one spot!

  6. Pamela Covington says

    Wow! What a great source of info in one place! Amy, you’ve answered questions I didn’t know I needed answered! Thank you and thank you! :)

  7. says

    Thank you for putting all your wisdom out there. Looking up other articles and sites on ebooks- whew, they are like cookie cutters: the same. You give details and directions.

    My question is I don’t understand how I can load it to my website? I am offering a free ebook (for now). Did I miss that step?

    Scratching my head, and not sure where to turn here.

  8. shetan says

    This is an amazing blogg, I am so grateful I found it on Pinterest. As a self publisher I have found all of your information very helpful and encouraging!

  9. says

    Amy, I just read through this series and was SO blessed by it! I am planning to publish my e-book next month and am very thankful I found this series today.

    Bless you!

  10. Tyler says


    I have been reading your information and am quite impressed but still overwhelmed lol.. Lots of information and I will get it eventually but I have one main question.
    I am planning on writing an E-Book very soon but it must be Picture heavy. From my understanding most E-Book readers ie/ Kindle do not allow for the use of pictures? Has this changed? What do you suggest as it is an important component to my planned work?
    Amazon also has crazy rules in place do you have a link from your blog on how to set up on Amazon correctly, and can you also use other resources besides Amazon for generating sales?
    Thanks for your good work :)

    • Amy says

      Hi Tyler. You can reference this post which links to the help pages for Kindle and Nook. Yes, you can include images and yes, you can sell in more places than just Amazon.

      • Tyler says

        Thanks Amy… I was just concerned because I have been told that Kindle does NOT show images only text. I appreciate your time and will keep learning from you!

        • Amy says

          There are definitely guidelines you need to follow to make sure images show up, but yes, you can put images in your ebook. Check out this page for specifics.

  11. Angela Ambroise says

    I tried purchasing your book for my Kindle. I wanted to pay using my Paypal account but don’t see how to on Amazon???

    I sampled some of the pages and it really is different. I wondered “how” is her book different? So many say that about what they do to get other’s to buy into what they are doing, but I’ve found it to be not true. Not so with your book.

    I will wait until tomorrow to get it now. Thanks again Amy. I see you’re in Texas. I’m in Houston :-)

  12. Lauren Lovelock says

    Hi Amy,

    I just found your blog and it’s been super helpful!

    I am looking to publish an ebook on kindle and hopefully the Nook. When you did this did you need an ISBN and if so where did you get it and how much did it cost?
    I have looked all over the place and some say you need it and others say you don’t. As someone who has real experience in this arena, can you please clear this up for me or point me in the right direction please.

    • Amy says

      Hi Lauren. I cannot say I’m an authority on the subject by any means. I can only say I did not purchase an ISBN and so far, it hasn’t been an issue at all.

  13. says

    Hello Amy,

    Wow! I’m impressed. You have really packed a punch with this dedicated site. I appreciate all of the generous information and your personal insights into the e-book creation process. Of course, I am currently going through what you went through in 2010 — wanting to understand the process of “launching a product” — for which I have many an idea. Again, thanks for sharing your personal journey. I’m bookmarking and pinning this, and when I have time, I will also plug your blog on my own measly site, GypsyWhim. Thanks again!

    • Amy says

      You are very welcome and any mention is appreciated (there are no measly sites in my book!). All the best on your ebook adventure! :)

  14. says

    Hi Amy,
    I’ve been trying to submit our books to Kindle but have been having some difficulty with the formatting. I used the Kindle Direct Publishing converter to try converting directly from PDF but the format didn’t turn out well. It improved after I removed page footers, page numbers and some “pretty” accent graphics.

    We like to include recommended resources at the end with pictures of a few products and links where they can order. I need to be able to set the formatting so that it is in a specific layout. It looks like I can do this with HTML, but then I think I would need to export from Open Office as HTML and then modify the HTML to make the “resources” layout. Do you include anything in your Kindle e-books that requires special formatting and how do you handle it?


    • Amy says

      Hi Michael,

      I’m pretty certain your problem lies in the formatting. Kindle allows only the very basic formatting (italics, bold, indent, etc.) Anything more fancy than that, unfortunately, gets stripped out. It has now been over a year since I uploaded my ebook so I’m not sure if anything has changed, but as far as I know, that remains the case. I would recommend figuring out a more straightforward layout if at all possible. I’m so sorry it has given you trouble!

  15. Brian Hackney says


    thanks so much for all the information – i’ve been contemplating diving in myself! This really takes a lot of the fear of the unknown out of it.

    couple of questions (sorry if i missed these):

    1) Does Kindle also link to Amazon?
    2) Can you sell via ebay?
    3) Can you link an original song to be sold along with the ebook?

    • Amy says

      Hi Brian,

      1. Kindle is actually part of Amazon, so yes, it’s all there.
      2. I don’t see why you couldn’t, but not something I’ve thought about. Not sure how ebooks would do on ebay (I’d google that some).
      3. Hmmm…let’s see, the thing that immediate comes to mind is to (a) make your song available to sell online and then (b) link to it within your ebook, (c) mention it on your Amazon Author page and (d) link to it also on your ebook sales page/site.

  16. says

    Hi Amy,
    Do you happen to know if there is a way to give away a free copy on Kindle/Nook with a coupon code of sorts? I’m just thinking ahead to if an affiliate runs a giveaway in promotion of the ebook…must the free copy by only in pdf?

    • Amy says

      No, unfortunately there’s not an easy way to give a way a free copy on Kindle/Nook, although reducing the price is pretty easy to do when you want.

  17. Kevin says

    Thanks for all the great info here. I just stumbled on the blog and it answered all my questions, plus some I didn’t know I had.

  18. says

    I recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it immensely. My brother and I are getting ready to launch our first e-Book on Kindle so I found this article particularly timely.

    Thanks for all the wonderful, helpful information.


  19. says


    this is a great way to get my ebook on kindle, Im following these steps, I think having an ebook on kindle makes it much more profitable

  20. says

    I listen to a podcast called “Artists Helping Artists” on Their last podcast was about marketing tips, and the one that grabbed me was to make a free ebook from your most popular blog topic. I’ve wanted to make a real book, but an ebook makes more sense!

    Thank you, Amy, for this blog post. I will be saving it for future reference and will also be digging around in your older posts for instructions on making an ebook.

  21. says

    I have found that my book didn’t sell well on Nook, but has done well on Kindle and in PDF format.

    P.S. If anyone is looking for PDF to Kindle formatting, it’s one of the virtual services I offer.

    • says

      I just want to thank Amy for all I have learned from her and also for the amazing community she has here. It is profound in how we can help one another and in turn, make positive changes in the lives of others through our blogs.

      I saw Ashley’s comment here as I was in need for help converting my PDF ebook to the Kindle and Nook. I just did not have the time nor the energy to follow the directions from amazon or such. I contacted Ashley and had them formatted beautifully within days. I then, uploaded them to amazon kindle publishing and pubit barnes and nobles as Amy has directed. So easy to do. And, Amy was extremely affordable. I thank her for that as well.

      So, a project that I was dreading, avoiding and just not wanting to take on was done within a few days.

      If you want your pdf formatted effectively, quickly and easily ( as well as rock on affordable) contact Ashley!

      Thanks Gals!

      • Amy says

        So glad you were able to work with Ashley, Dr. Lisa and congrats on the ebook! I can definitely vouch for Ashley (we’ve met in real life) so if anyone’s interested in contacting her, here’s her info.

  22. Brenda says

    Amy – I just HAD to tell you what a blessing you have been to me this past week since I “met” you via your blog. I unexpectedly lost my job last Monday, and your encouraging and helpful posts already are allowing me to use this transition period to fulfill some personal goals for a website and ebook publishing. The website/blog is a “hiccup away” from being ready, and the first previously self-published book is now in ebook format for both Nook and Kindle! Thank you bunches and bunches! Is it possible, or even wise, to use a “coupon code” to give away a few free ebook downloads via the new blog in order to get the ball rolling?

    • Amy says

      I’m so sorry to hear about your job, Brenda, but I’m so glad I can offer a bit of encouragement. Congrats on the new projects you’re about to launch!! Sure, you could use a coupon code to give away some copies if you’d like.

    • Amy says

      I wouldn’t say it’s very difficult. It takes a bit of time, perhaps, but I found it to be quite worth it. Just utilize the steps they outline. :)

      • says

        I been thinking of doing this – as my father is successful via Kindle and Nook as well. I just haven’t taken the time to reformat the eBook.
        Just in time – your posts are so timely it’s almost like you’re reading my mind. “)