A High-Traffic Alternative to Guest Posting

We talked about guest posting (and a tip to make the most of it). Then I saw this article: How to Get Explosive & Targeted Traffic – An Alternative to Guest Posting.

In a nutshell, if guest posting isn’t striking you, Pat recommends writing “A list post that features some of the top and up & coming players in your niche.”

Why? Because these types of posts often garner a visit from the people you feature, sometimes result in a reciprocate mention and are just plain useful for your readers. It’s a good read!

What do you think about these types of posts? Personally, I love them — I love getting a bunch of great information all in one shot.

Have you written any posts like this? If so, was it worth it?

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    I have to say, part of what I love about offering advertising on my blog is promoting the other bloggers who sponsor me each month. I’ve built some great relationships w others by featuring them and sharing about their blog on mine. I love sharing others!

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    I love this idea! Your post has inspired and motivated me to write a list post. I will do some research and write a list post tomorrow and will definitely include your blog on my list!

    Thanks for the great tip!


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    Hi, Amy! We didn’t get to talk, but I really enjoyed listening to you speak at Relevant this year! Thank you so much for your helpful site, and for this information in particular. I think I may go work on some “guest posts” for the future right now — and a referral article, too! Thank you!

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    Thanks so much for sharing! One thing that I like to do when I’m looking at an article, is look at the comments. I have gone to commenter’s blogs or websites and if I really like their site, I will start following them.

    I can’t remember where I saw your site, Amy, but I think it was within a link in someone’s article. I am really enjoying all the encouraging articles, advice and tips that you have been sharing! I’m really glad that I followed that link! :)

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    I think this is a great idea! I love linking to the other big players in my nOchs, but I do have a question. I was discussing doing this exact thing with someone else and they said when you provide links to others in your niche it is essentially sending your readers to the competition. What do you think about that?

    • Amy says

      Well, if you see other blogs in your niche as competition then I think that’s true. However, if you see others in your niche as collaborators, colleagues and friends, it’s just sharin’ the love. I’m continuously amazed at how often genuine, no-strings-attached promotion of others is reciprocated in the most wonderful and unexpected ways. It’s all in how you look at it. :)

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        :) That is what I was thinking. I am not the sort of person who sees others as competition simply because their content is similar. I would rather partner with people and have them as allies instead of competitors! s always, thanks for your help!

        • Bernie says

          I love your answer. I’ve been learning about coupons and have read a lot of blogs that were linked to each other. Following the threads led me to other things I’m interested in adding to my life. By viewing others as collaborators in my life or your blog, my experience of both is enhanced. While some the blogs did not interest me beyond the first reading, finding other links made my search so easy. The easy to read tips and posts make it easier to learn something I’m totally unfamiliar with.

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    Wow! I think I just did this? I typed up a post linking to some of my favorite bloggers (sadly, not necessarily within my niche… so maybe not exactly right) and sent out a tweet announcing to them my post.

    Is that right? If so… Cool!

    • Amy says

      Oh it sounds good to me — I can’t imagine you can go wrong if you’re providing helpful content to your readers! Blogging is so great that way. You can do all sorts of things and nothing is really “wrong.”

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    I saw this over on Pat’s site and loved the idea. I’m working on this right now and I can’t wait to get it up. All the bloggers I’ve spoken to have been willing and supportive…it’s great to be involved in such an awesome arena.

    Thanks Amy!

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    Amy! Thanks so much for linking to my article. Marybeth is right, it’s not a true “alternative” to guest posting, just another type of post we can use in our blogging toolkit. I think it’s just easier for people to do if they keep getting rejected from other blogs they want to guest post on, and it can have the same kind of effect (sometimes better!).

    Cheers, and thanks again!

    p.s. @Turkana – I say write the guest post anyways. Make it a super, fantastic guest post that they would be stupid not to publish. If they say that you don’t have 2000 subscribers, you can just tell them that based on the content of your article, it should be obviously you’ll get there soon. They might be impressed and post it. What have you got to lose?

    Just my 2 cents. Cheers!

    • Amy says

      Hey Pat, thanks for stopping by. I’ve certainly learned that what works in once instance doesn’t always work in another so, like you said, the more effective tools in our blogging toolkit the better! Thanks for all the great info you provide!

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    I did this with a recent book list – I shared the books I was reading and as a result got some emails from the actual authors thanking me for the mention! That was fun! I also mentioned on facebook the Bible study I was in and the author’s company sent me 2 books and a DVD plus an extra book to give away! That was a big surprise to me! I didn’t expect it. It’s nice when those things happen! (I don’t make money blogging – so little “gifts” are greatly appreciated!!!)

    Much Love,

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    Great idea! I might have to give that some thought. It could definitely work for my kind of niche. I already have a link to a “major” website related to my blog, and they have offered me to guest post for them under the circumstance that I have a 2000 base following. So, I won’t be guest posting for them!!