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  1. says

    Thanks so much for your helpful website. Your tutorials and step-by-step videos really helped me to have the confidence to dive in and give blogging a try. Thank you!

    I have a question about my custom header and Atahualpa updates. I have found that each time I update, I lose my custom header and background. I am able to go in and delete their generic photo and reinstall mine, but I was wondering if there is a more permanent fix so I won’t have to do that everytime? Is it just something I’m going to have to fix each time I update? Thanks!

  2. Gwen says

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for your tutorials! They have been so extremely helpful!

    I had a question for you….I choose a Word Press theme, and am having problems getting the header/heading – the thing on the top that says your blog title – to show up the way I want it. I have studied the CSS, and have plugged in the fonts and sizes, and it’s just not working for me.

    Where can I get some help? I’m really stuck.

    • Amy says

      You might try putting in an image instead. Also, you might try the default WordPress theme, Twenty Eleven. You can activate it from your Dashboard–>Appearance–>Themes.

  3. Renee says

    Hey Amy,

    Quick question: When choosing fonts, are there more “graphic” options when you insert it into your banner vs. having a separate one using the CSS fonts. I’ve googled various font families & there doens’t seem to be any unique ones. When I insert it, there doesn’t seem to be a drastic change in it’s look. Am I doing something wrong?


    • Amy says

      You can use fancier fonts in your header image. Is that what you mean? You would just create your header image to include your blog title in a fun font. So, it would be part of the header image, not the CSS (you would set your blog title not to show in WordPress). I hope that makes sense.

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    I am loving your site! I’ve been working my way through the steps. Thank you so much for all the great tips. I’m enjoying the creative process of building a blog, but I’m dissatisfied with my header. It looks very amateur and homegrown. I created it myself in Gimp. Do you have any advice for finding tips on making great banners? Do most people purchase them or hire designers?

    • Amy says

      You certainly can get it done professionally. There are a lot of great designers who can make a nice header. I’d say they run about $125 and up. If you want to try it yourself, check out my How to Make a Blog Button post for a beginner technique. Or if you have experience with other software (like Photoshop or Gimp) you could do it that way too.

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    Amy! Your site is great. Thank you. I’m developing a bunch of websites and using Atahualpa WP themes on most of them. On a few, I’m using Magazine Basic. Your instructions on getting stuff done are just fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you’re interested in a blog roll exchange, let me know. All the best and Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Kris Kemp

  6. says

    I just updated to the newest version of Atahualpa and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the bars on the header…I removed them like you showed in the video, and searched for a display option. Removed the text from the horizontal bars. And they are still there.

    Any tips?

    • Amy says

      Hi Rachel,

      Try this: Via FTP, drill down to your header file (wp-content–>themes–>atahualpa–>images–>header) on your server (right side of FTP screen). Upload your image into that file. Make a copy of the originals in case you need to restore them if there’s a problem with your image. Once you’ve copied the original images to your computer (left side), delete them, leaving only yours in there.

  7. says

    Hey Amy–just wanted to mention that for those of us who want to rid ourselves of those awful big black line bars that are included in the header image EVEN after you remove the horizontal bars—the code to remove them is the following: go to your atahualpa theme options–>Add HTML/CSS inserts–>scroll down to CSS inserts–>

    scroll down to this part: (See the imagecontainer part? I set mine to 0px instead of erasing it so that if later on I want to go back, I don’t have to retype everything. 0px means the bars are there, but they are not visible.) Save the changes and then test it to make sure it went through. The big black bars on the bottom and top of the header should be gone.

    div#imagecontainer {
    border-top: solid 0px #333;
    border-bottom: solid 0px #333;