How to Find Images for Your Blog with Photo Pin

If you wonder how to find images for your blog, or you use Flickr photos for your blog posts, Photo Pin is a handy tool that allows you to search Flickr and grab the attribution in one fell swoop. Handy.

how to find images for your blog

Before I show you the how-to video, I should mention that it’s good to assume images you see online are copyrighted. Just because an image is on the internet does not mean it’s free to use.  In the video I will show you how to check the license for an image you find.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Video Notes:

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Alright, here’s how to use Photo Pin:

  1. Type in your search term.
  2. Specify commercial or non-commercial images in left sidebar.
  3. Hover over any image to see a preview and click “get photo” when you find one you want to use.
  4. When you get the popup, I recommend doing Step 2 first which is checking the Creative Commons license. Click on the photo to go to the image page on Flickr where you can see the license details (located in the right column). Make sure the license is one you can live with.
  5. Go back to Photo Pin and download the size of the image you want to use from the popup. I recommend using the smallest size that works with your design to save on site resources.
  6. While you’re still on Photo Pin, copy and past the attribution HTML provided in Step 3.
  7. Go to your blog.
  8. Upload your image as you normally would into your post.
  9. Paste the attribution HTML in your post. Make sure you are pasting this bit of HTML in the “HTML” tab or “Text” tab (not the “Visual” tab).
  10. Save!

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  1. says

    Thanks for this. Hopefully Photo Pin will come out with a handy plugin some time soon. Ideally, a plugin that also supports inserting the image into the Featured Image area.
    I’ve been using Compfight, which has a basic plugin. Photo Pin looks good though.

  2. says

    This was SO easy-I’m scared. I am so excited to find your post and take my blog to the next level. THANKS SO MUCH!

  3. says

    Is Photopin currently down? It seems so. Do you know how to download pictures with a Mac for free from some other source? I tried Flickr but can’t get it to work? Thanks.

  4. Sandy says

    Flickr is a great resource for free photos for blogs but people need to be aware that unfortunately some people (not all) have been posting photos to Flickr that are not their own work and taking credit for popularity purposes (one of the drawbacks to Flickr, even though Flickr is an awesome photo sharing site). People definitely do need to be aware of license agreements as well as authenticity. There are many lists available on the web (not sure if Amy has one) that list free photo resources (most of the time much more professional than Flickr) that people can use for their blogs. Such as the following link:

    Sometime it’s worth going to a smaller site with more professional photos than trying to search Flickr (even though I still love Flickr), just want to give bloggers other options and I personally save more time when I use smaller sites with more professional photos versus using Flickr and having to search through a bunch of photos with so-so quality or zero relevance to the term I am searching.

  5. says

    I actually thanked you in an earlier comment but I needed to thank you again! I’ve been amazed at the great photos I’ve found on Flickr with the appropriate CC using Photo Pin without any ‘hiccups.’ I also leave in the Photo Pin credit as a thank you.

  6. Dana says

    Hi, Amy

    This is an excellent tool! I am in the preparation stages of a new blog and had no idea this existed. I watched your video and am bookmarking this page for future reference. I’ve read so many of your posts already and am a subscriber. Thank you for everything!!!

  7. Bev says

    Always helpful information on your blog Amy : D I tried out Photo Pin this morning and posted a photo to Facebook but don’t think I got the attribution posted. What would the be steps to do this on Facebook? Thanks in advance : D

    • says

      When posting on Facebook, I think I would not use Photo Pin (except to search maybe), but go to the image page on Flickr itself and then use the sharing buttons there.

  8. says

    I just started a another blog using blogger. After reading this post, I used photo pin to replace all the photos I used so far. There’s been a lot of articles about copyrights and using photos without permission. I don’t want to be one of those authors not paying attention to them. Thanks for the easy lesson on how to use photo pin =)

  9. Brian says

    Very handy. I wasn’t familiar with PhotoPin but it seems nice! I have been using another similar service called that works just as well. They also have a handy WordPress Plugin that saves me lots of time.

  10. says

    This was a valuable and timely piece, Amy. Although I use almost all of my own photographs on my site, I used one recently from Flickr. I carefully read the rights for the photo, inserted it into my blog, and did everything but provide attribution (sheeeesh!). Your article provided valuable information that prevented an expensive mistake. I also appreciate your inclusion of short video instructions. For those of us who are visual learners, your video tips help those of us who experience difficulty wading through a list of words for support. Thank you!

  11. says

    Wow, this is a great article. Very helpful and informative. For photos, I have been using dreamstime and sxc. The problem has been in seeing the same old images. I took a look at Photo Pin, and am very impressed.

  12. Donald Fulmer says

    Awesome timing! When I look at my calendar, which I now put together using the 4 quadrants from Tell Your Time, it tells me that Saturday I am to begin looking for photos for my soon to launch blog. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • says

      Awesome! Glad it came at a good time and what an honor that my quadrants have been worked into your schedule. Thanks, Donald!

      • Donald Fulmer says

        Fantastic tool. Very easy to use. Soon I will have a blog to post the images to. Thanks!

  13. says

    Amy: This post was so helpful. I recently stumbled upon Creative Commons but I needed your tutorial to make the process smoother. You are the reason my blog is more than a dream. Thanks for your kind manner and thorough instruction.

  14. says

    I have been using Photo Pin for more than a year and I really love it! For me its a better search than using Flickr directly.

    In the other hand, I recently discovered the Creative Commons search tool here: It is awesome because includes Flickr, Wikimedia and other services. Just check the two boxes “use for commercial purposes” and “modify, adapt, or build upon.” The cool thing is that you can search for Videos and Music too!