Image Finding Tool: Compfight

Compfight is a handy tool to find Flickr images without having to search through the cumbersome interface of Flickr itself.

Simply type in keywords for the type of image you’re looking for and you’re set. Use the filters in the left column of the search results to sort through the results quickly.

compfight results

(There’s also a Compfight plugin although I haven’t used it myself since I try to minimize plugins. See 6 Useful Things to Know About Plugins for the why.)

I’ve written more about images…

Check out all my posts about images here, from using images legally, making images clickable, creating watermarks and more.

Do you get The Useletter?


  1. says

    Hi Amy,

    How does this work with copyrights? Can we share these pictures or use them for blogs/ websites without copyrights violations? I usually take pictures off of google image and I am always worried that I might be breaking copyrights.

  2. says

    What an awesome find! I find looking for that right image is more time consuming than I would like. I can’t wait to try this!

  3. says

    I did it, Amy! I moved my blog to WordPress!!! Thanks to you for all of the resourceful information you have here that helped me navigate the perils of moving!!!

  4. says

    Amy, so what about ownership of Flickr images? I guess what I am really asking is if you could address how and when you decide to just use someone else’s images? That seems like copyright infringement, no? Perhaps you’ve already written about this topic and could direct us to that discussion?

    Thanks very much. I appreciate all the info that you provide!