Real Moms Making Real Money {with Stephanie O’Dea}

One of the most consistently popular posts here at BWA is How Much Do Real Bloggers Actually Make? which I wrote in June of 2010. Not only was asking that question as a new for-profit blogger, I knew others were asking it too. As I write, there are 156 comments on that post and many bloggers were very generous with the information they shared.

Moms making money

The Backstory

I had started this blog a few months prior to that post, to teach people how to set up a WordPress blog step by step—a task I have completed multiple times as a serial blog starter (ha!). I had never pursued generating income though, so this time I wanted to try my hand at monetization.

Bottom line: As I’ve said before, I’m learning as I go. I’ve shared what I’ve learned here, not from a “I’ve been making money blogging for years and here’s my expert opinion” standpoint, but from a “I gave this a whirl the other day and it seems to be working for me” standpoint.

Maybe sometime I’ll share how life has totally changed for us since starting in 2010 and how it (and related income streams) is now our main source of income.

But in the meantime…

There are other women making real money too!

A few weeks ago I had a great time chatting with Stephanie O’Dea for her Real Moms Making Real Money series.

Stephanie O'Dea

Do you know Stephanie? You may know her from her A Year of Slow Cooking wherein she challenged herself to use her slow cooker “every single day for a year.” That was 2008 and now she’s been cookin’ up (ha! pun intended) other stuff, like books, including her latest, Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life.

We had some technical difficulties, so sadly, ours is not a video (as the rest of her interviews in the series are) but a podcast. You can listen and read the accompanying post here: Real Moms Making Real Money (at home, in their pajamas) And How You Can, Too!

And be sure to check out the other women she has interviewed for the series including:

Check ‘em out!

Photo by stopnlook.

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  1. says

    Thanks Amy! I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on your site the last couple of weeks, since I’m hoping to start a new blog later this fall, and I just wanted to thank you for all of your great posts. Everything you have to say is SO helpful and I’m hoping to put it into action over the next couple of months and even now with my current blog.

    • Amy says

      It’s my pleasure and thanks so much for stopping by. I hope it continues to be helpful as you launch your new blog! Congrats. :)

  2. says

    Congratulations on the podcast! I’ve just downloaded your e-book, and I cannot wait to get started. Since I’ve started a new job finding time to do everything I need and want to do is just really hard. I’m working third shift now, so I need to be able to manage my time wisely.

  3. says

    I look forward to reading these! I’ve been blogging now for a few years, but haven’t spent any dedicated time to my blog.

    Because of YOU and your ebook, I’ve managed to get a schedule going that is working for me (thank you so very very much!!!)

    I’ve just been accepted to Blogher advertising and I finally see how I could make money blogging. Again, because of a comment you made to me, I am going to write an ebook. I’m so happy for your and your family!

    Thanks a million,


    • Amy says

      Congratulations, Johnlyn! Sounds like you are moving in the right direction. So glad Tell Your Time was helpful. :) Thanks for your encouragement.

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