Tell Your Time Tools

Use the following printables as you work your way through Tell Your Time.

At the bottom of the page are my completed Grid and Schedule as well as a few additional resources.

Step 2: Roles & Goals

Tell Your Time Roles Worksheet
Click image to download.

In Step 2: Plan, you will define your current roles as well as create basic life skills for each. Download Roles & Goals now.

Step 2: Activities

Tell Your Time Activities Worksheet
Click image to download.

Also in Step 2: Plan, you will identify daily or weekly activities to accomplish for each of your roles. Download the Activities worksheet now.

Step 3: The Grid

The Grid Tell Your Time
Click image to download.

In Step 3: Place, you will categorize each of the activities you listed in Part 2 by determining whether they are negotiable or nonnegotiable and fixed or flexible. Download the Grid now.

Step 4: Schedule

Click image to download.

In Step 4: Plot, you will create your weekly schedule, incorporating the most important things in your life, ensuring the priorities don’t fall through the cracks. Download the blank Schedule worksheet now. (Please note: This download is not editable but meant to be printed out and completed. I created mine below in Microsoft Word with all the colors so it would be easier to decipher in the ebook. I actually find that pencil and paper work splendidly for this, as you can erase and rearrange your blocks as needed.)

My Worksheets

Here are my completed worksheets from the ebook if you’d like to take a closer look:

My Grid (from Step 3):

My Grid
Click for larger view.

My Schedule (from Step 4):

My Schedule
Click for larger view.

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