Triple Bunk Beds: Our Space-Saving Solution

I’m no decorating genius (or expert, amateur or even budding photographer as you can plainly see), but as I tell my children, every once in a blue moon I have a good idea. This is one of them: the triple bunk bed.

triple bunk bed

I did not make up the concept of triple bunk beds, of course, I just stole it. But with three boys in one small room, I was having a hard time figuring out how to make everything fit. We had a twin-over-double bunk bed originally, but it wasn’t workin’ for us.

We love it. Here’s why:

  • Our two little ones now do not have to share a double bed. They have their own space. Need I say more? For you parents, I’m sure I don’t, but if you’re not a parent, let’s just say, they didn’t coexist so well. Someone was always getting in someone else’s space.
  • You’ll notice the bottom bunk is right on the floor. This fact alone makes the thing worth its weight in gold. No more collections of who-knows-what getting lost under the bed or valuable items disappearing never to be seen again.
  • The rungs on the end of the bed create a built-in ladder. That means one less item to take up space in the room.
  • If there’s ever a tornado here, I think our house will be blown away while this bunk bed will be left standing on the cement slab. It’s a beast, and therefore I do not have nightmares about it toppling over easily.

Because we have a 9′ ceiling in the boys’ room, I knew we were gonna have to go up. So, I called my dad (Mr. Turbo-Style Handy Guy) and told him I needed his expertise. (Read: Can you make me something for free because I birthed 4 of your grandchildren?)

My original idea was for him to build a triple bunk from scratch, but he decided to just chop up the twin-over-double we had and add a third bed to it. I wish I could tell you how he did it, but alas, that gene apparently did not pass down. (And if I were a decorating blogger, I would have taken before and after shots plus about 5 in between. Maybe someday.)

So, my dad made it, somehow I got my husband to spend many hours outside in the backyard spray painting the thing red and all I did was come up with the idea. I’m not sure how I worked that out, but I’m going to try to make a habit of it.

(I’m sorry I don’t have the step-by-step plans, but this looks pretty similar.)

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  1. Ann says

    We are looking for space saving idea and this is wonderful! Can I ask if the kids feel squashed in between spaces? Can they sit up right on the bed? How is that working? Thank you!!

    • Amy says

      Hi Ann,

      We LOVE the triple bunks! The boys can’t sit upright, but it doesn’t seem to cause any trouble for them. Two things to keep in mind though: our ceilings are 9 feet so our oldest son has more room (he can sit upright) and our younger boys on the lower bunks are 6 & 8. I imagine it will start to feel a bit tight when they get older, but for the time being, it’s been wonderful.