How to Make Money as an Ultimate Bundle Affiliate

Want to know how Ultimate Bundles work and how bloggers can make money from them?*

I’ve sold these bundles as an affiliate and I’ve personally made thousands of dollars.

ultimate bundles

I can personally vouch for these bundles, as well as the people who run them. And DO. NOT. MISS the hidden marketing gem.

What are Ultimate Bundles?

A few times a year, Stephanie Langford (from Keeper of the Home) & Erin Odom (from The Humbled Homemaker) put together a HUGE package of ebooks they sell at a steep discount.

ultimate christian living 2014

For example, the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle of 2014 (sale dates were November 5-10, 2014) included almost $1000 worth of ebooks for only $34.95. That’s over 95% off. In addition, there’s always a handful of free bonuses that come with the bundle, making it a truly amazing deal.

How can they offer the bundle at such a huge discount?

The key is collaboration. Basically, Stephanie & Erin gather together a huge pool of authors and combine all their ebooks into one package, or “bundle.”

Then everyone promotes the bundle at once, resulting in massive sales. It’s like a tsunami of marketing effort.

So, even though each individual ebook is sold at a much lower price, the profit comes from the total package. Plus the huge, coordinated marketing effort gets a lot more buyers. Everyone comes out ahead.

I’m a blogger but I don’t have an ebook in the bundle. Can I still make money?

Yes! Do this by becoming an affiliate and then promoting the bundle when it’s on sale. (Clicking this link will take you to a signup page for the affiliate program.)

Once you’re signed up and accepted to the affiliate program, you will receive a unique-to-you affiliate link. Use this link whenever you talk about the bundle on your blog or whenever you promote it.


You might write about the bundle in a blog post. The link you use when talking about it should be the affiliate link. Don’t simply link to the standard homepage of the sale. USE YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. Your reader will land on the same standard sales page, but your affiliate link is what tracks your sales and allows you to get paid.

You might include a graphic image in your sidebar (which will be provided along with the affiliate information you receive once you become an affiliate). Link that image to the sales page, again, using your affiliate link. (Related: How to Make a Clickable Image)

You could post your affiliate link on Facebook or Twitter. If you do, make sure you indicate it is a referral or affiliate link. (Related: Are You Disclosing Properly)

Whenever someone clicks through your affiliate link and purchases the bundle, you’ll get 45% commission. That’s over $15.00 a pop. That can add up quick!

But how do I get people to buy the bundle?

Great question. One of the things I really appreciate about Stephanie & Erin is that they are super thorough. Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you have access to the affiliate portal with all kinds of excellent info…

This is the HIDDEN GEM of being an affiliate

Once you’re signed up as an affiliate, the affiliate portal is an EXCELLENT resource.

It contains the usual stuff like your affiliate codes, banners, graphics, images and buttons as well as your commissions ledger (once the sale gets started).


My favorite part of the affiliate portal is the marketing resources. These include:

ultimate bundles marketing

An hour-long webinar with Stephanie, Erin & Ryan (screenshot above) explaining how it’s going to work, marketing tips, what they’ve learned from past bundle sales and more.

  • A PDF of what what included in the webinar.
  • A 3-week marketing strategy.
  • Email marketing strategies.
  • Bundle planning worksheets.

Y’all. These are tips from seasoned bloggers and marketers. This is so valuable, not just for this sale but going forward as well.

Go sign up to be an affiliate now.

How can I get my own ebook in the bundle?

I’ve had my ebook, Tell Your Time, included in a bundle and being a part of the bundle sale in this way was very profitable. If you are an ebook author, you’ll have to apply to be included. As an affiliate, you’re often provided the inside scoop and an invitation to submit your ebook for consideration.

*There are affiliate links in this post.

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