How Can You Use Video in 2012?

My aunt and uncle are in town for a few days and they humor me by listening to my impassioned explanations of how their generation is used to people with money and authority deciding what information the masses will see, and how social media is changing that. How everything is turning upside down and now, the “common man” has a lot more influence than ever before.

They think I’m adorable as I get all fired up, even if they can’t figure out exactly what it is I do.

2012: The Year of Video

One of the ways people are making their mark is with video.

I’ve heard it predicted over and over that 2012 will be the year of video. In other words, if you want to ratchet up your business and blogging, include video.

Of course, throwing some videos up on YouTube will not necessarily make anyone the next Justin Bieber. However, a video that goes viral just might.

I suppose a lot of people would love to watch their videos go viral, but a very small percentage of videos ever do. This 7-minute video from Ted is about 3 characteristics of viral videos. I just thought it was interesting. No one can make their video go viral, but sometimes knowing what’s happening underneath is helpful.

I wonder, what could you do with this information? What could you do with video?

I know a lot of you feel like you discovered blogging too late, that the market is saturated and it’s impossible to stand out.

So why not think outside the box? A lot of the more established blogs rely on words. Why not be different and rely on video?

My favorite line?

No one has to green-light your idea.

Check it out:

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

You may have noticed, of all the videos he included in his presentation, none were done professionally. So don’t let “But I don’t know how!” get the best of you. Grab a Flip (I love mine), read the instructions and just do it. It couldn’t be easier. I just recorded an impromptu video I’ll be sharing later this week.

Or do a screencast. Again, simple.

Or, do a mixture of them.

Whether you vlog your posts instead of blog them, show your readers how to do something instead of telling them or offer a personal glimpse into your life, how can you use video this year?

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. says

    Good post! I just started adding video to my website posts and set up two channels on youtube. It is actually much easier than I thought it would plus, it is fun. Now I just need to get more traffic to my blog and youtube but I’m working on that and reading your blogging tips.

  2. says

    I just put some video of my new house on my blog – pictures just weren’t cutting it, so I did a walk through. Plus, I’ll have those videos to look back on years from now :) Seeing videos for tutorials is especially helpful too.

  3. says

    We started doing “online classes” at the beginning of the year, and they have really taken off. It was just amazing at the response we have gotten from them and we didn’t even know it was the “year to video” 😉 We do not have expensive or fancy equipment – I think people just want to “see” – and feel like they are there or a part.
    Loved the video!

  4. says

    yes, this is so true. I’m a visual learner so it’s even more crucial for me to see instead of just read something. Still, it’s very intimidating to do something on video. it’s so much different when your readers can see you. I really want to do it, though so eventually I just suck it up, lol!

    Thank for the video! That was a great laugh :)

  5. says

    I love this idea. I think I will schedule a brain storming session early one morning on what topics I could cover using video on my blog. I am guessing my i-touch with recording capabilities would give me something to start making video’s on. I also have a friend who makes wedding and graduation slide shows that incorporate video who I could probably bribe to help me understand it all and get started.

  6. says

    I’ve been working on doing video of each room in my home to show my readers. I find that the lighting is so much better since my home is too dark for good pictures. It’s funny, I have a survey up on my blog right now to ask my readers if they want video and no one does. I wonder if part of it is that people can’t watch video at work which is when they’re checking out blogs. I’m going to do it anyway because I want the practice and think in the long run people will like it. Plus not a log of bloggers use video like you said.

    • Amy says

      So interesting. I wonder if they’ll change their minds once you get the videos posted. Sounds like you have a fun idea!

  7. says

    I agree that video can be a really important component. We started doing them a little while ago mostly just for fun, but also as a way to be a little different than many of the other blogs out there and because I really do like seeing what people are actually like =)

  8. says

    There are no coincidences! My local social media moms group is doing a workshop on video at the end of this month, plus we’ve all been chattering about ways to use vlogging.

    I agree that videos can offer a personal glimpse in our lives that our readers might not get from reading our posts. I think it works as another way to review products. I’ve also been playing around with using video to do tutorials. A friend of mine with an autistic son did a fabulous video about him and other autistic kids. One of my blogger friends recently did a video making fun of herself as a blogger which then went viral.

    I’m not sure if doing lots of videos would work for me as a blogger. I think of it as simply another tool for sharing content.

  9. says

    Love this idea. I did a video on how to make “belly bands” and “boot socks” from thrift store tee’s and was surprised that it was pinned many times. It was a pretty “crappy” video. What I found was that people enjoyed “hearing” you and “seeing” you in person. This has encouraged me to keep doing that occasionally. Thanks Amy! Always great tips. Love, Me

    • Amy says

      I think you’re right about being able to hear and see a blogger. I always enjoy it too.