Hi, I’m Amy. I teach people how to make money online by starting a blog, even if they have limited time, are on a tight budget or aren’t techy.

Here’s the basic idea…

You need three things to make money

  1. Passion. You’re a ninja at something!
  2. People. Someone else is interested!
  3. Product. It doesn’t have to be thing!

Passion. What are you a ninja at? That topic you love to talk about, that skill you’ve mastered, the experience you’ve gained, the knowledge you have.

People. There are others in this world who share your passion, need help with it or want to know more. No matter how obscure or niched. The internet can help you find them.

Product. Some of those people will gladly pay to get more value. You make money when they buy a product you recommend (and you earn a commission), when they hire you for consulting or the skill you provide, or when you sell your own physical or digital product.

That’s the idea. Talk about your passion, connect with your people, sell your product.

How does a blog fit into all this?

A blog is the place you talk about your passion. In articles, videos or a podcast — whichever suits you.

A blog is like a business card. But better. Why? Your people can find you. More than that, you can demonstrate your expertise.

A blog is an ideal spot to highlight what you have to offer and make your product (or service) easy to purchase.

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