The 100 Perfect People Challenge: How It Works (and What I Like)

September 25, 2020

Do you want more traffic to your blog or website? If you’re like most of us, the answer is obviously yes. But a blog or website isn’t a “build it and they will come” situation. The internet is too huge. You have to find your people and connect with them. But how? This challenge is a good start.

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Did you join 100 Perfect People? Jump down to the bottom of this post where I’ve got some quick links.

What is 100 Perfect People?

100 Perfect People is a 10-day, 10-minutes-a-day challenge run by Rachel Miller, creator of Grow Your Audience

What’s the goal?

In a word: traffic.

To find and connect with 100 perfect people in your target audience (your avatar). Once you have them, drive them to wherever makes sense for you: your email list, your website, your online store, etc.

Who is 100 Perfect People for?

Anyone who wants to grow their audience by 100 people in 10 days, whether you’re starting from zero or already have an audience.

Is it free?

No. It costs $10.

Why does it cost money?

It used to be free but fewer people signed up and fewer people completed the challenge. In short, we value what we buy and the very active 100PP community reflects it. Investment drives involvement. 

Is it worth it?

If you look beyond the tasks and learn the strategy underneath, yes.

What can I expect?

Every day Rachel releases a small task (shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes). There is a printable and sometimes a video to go with it.

How does it work?

The challenge walks you through using Facebook to start a new audience or grow an existing one. Each day builds on the previous one.

Is this for me if I’m already on Facebook?

Are you happy with the amount of organic traffic and engagement you get from Facebook and other social media platforms? Do you easily drive that traffic to your website, email list or product? If yes, skip the challenge. No? Take the challenge.

Wait, what if I don’t want to build a presence on Facebook?

I hear your objections:

  • “Facebook doesn’t work for me!”
  • “Isn’t Facebook dead?”
  • “I prefer Instagram, Pinterest or (fill-in-the-blank)…”
  • “Facebook’s organic reach is basically zero.”

I know. I had the same objections. Hear me out.

First, Facebook may not be your preferred platform, but given its size, it’s an excellent place to learn how to find your people.

Second, the value in 100 Perfect People is not growing a Facebook Page or Group (although it’s awesome for some). The value is Rachel Miller and the nuggets she throws out in the process. She’s a ninja when it comes to growing an audience. She’s very generous with her advice which can be applied to growing an audience almost anywhere (your blog, website, email list, other social media platforms, etc.).

How do I join the challenge?

  1. Go here to sign up.
  2. Join the 100 Perfect People Facebook Group per the instructions after signup.
  3. On Monday, September 28, 2020, visit the Facebook Group and look for Day 1’s task (see screenshot below). Update: If you’ve joined the challenge, follow my notes below here.

Can I jump in after the challenge has started?

Yes. You can catch up or do it on your own. Use my tour of the Facebook Group below to see where to find the stuff. Or my notes below.

How do I access the information?

Everything happens in the 100 Perfect People Facebook Group. Let me give you a tour. Below is a screenshot. I’ve numbered my favorite parts with descriptions of each below.

1. Discussion. Go here for the regular Facebook chatting we’re all familiar with. It’s a very active community. Rachel is very active there, so don’t be afraid jump in!

2. Units. Each of the 10 days of the challenge can be found in the Units section. The day’s task (should only take you 10 minutes!) plus any printables or associated info will be here. You can also access the units in the main column.

3. Announcements. This is where Rachel makes any important announcements during the challenge.

4. Videos. This is probably my favorite section. Rachel’s videos are where some of her best tips can be found. Note: There are videos from past challenges so start with the most recent ones first.

5. Files. Get quick access to all the printables included in the challenge at once so you don’t have to click through each of the units one by one. The challenge has been done several times so print the most recent ones.

6. Search this group. Use this to search for topics etc. A fun and inspirational search is #moolahwin which shows you what others have accomplished.

Things you should know

  • You might hate this challenge starting on Day One.
  • If you have an existing online presence, on Day One you will probably assume this challenge isn’t for you and will write it off.
  • If you struggle with Day One’s challenge, you are a great candidate for the challenge. It’s a sign you have bad habits to unlearn. This was me too!
  • Be prepared for paradigm shifts.
  • The first tasks will take place on your Facebook Profile (not a Page or Group). This is confusing to some. (“Wait, what? I don’t want to mix my in-real-life friends with my online target audience!”) There is method to the madness. The pieces will come together as you go. Trust the process. See my notes below.
  • 100 Perfect People has happened multiple times in the past. Therefore, you’ll see posts, printables, videos and other materials dated April 2020 and before. It’s not a huge deal since most recent items usually show up first. Just be aware.
  • Some people get confused about where to find stuff during the challenge. That’s why I wrote this post. Follow these steps then check the Facebook Group each day for the tasks. That’s it. Also, see the screenshot and descriptions above.
  • The challenge is followed by a pitch to buy her bigger course Grow Your Audience. Just a heads up. (P.S. I bought GYA and the update. I have referred to it more than any other course I’ve bought before. Here’s my review. And yes, I’m an affiliate, but there’s a really good change the course is not for you. I suggest the challenge because by itself there is a lot to learn.)

What I like

  • The upside-down nature of the strategy. It teaches you empathy, not marketing. As I’ve said for years, I attribute my online success to empathy above anything else.
  • Rachel’s expertise. I have learned a ton from her.
  • Rachel’s availability and accessibility in the group. She’s super active.
  • Rachel’s generosity in answering questions and offering advice.
  • Lifetime access. Buy the challenge once and take it over and over. Many people do. I plan to pop in myself!

Interested? Read more info and/or sign up for 100 Perfect People now.

My notes from the challenge

You must sign up for the challenge and join the Facebook Group first, otherwise the links below won’t work.

Day One

  • Go here to get the tasks and watch the video.
  • Get the printable here.
  • Don’t like the idea of posting on your Profile? Read my explanation here. (Scroll down until you see my comment highlighted.) Or my comment here.
  • Not sure what to post? Not getting a response? Read my tip here.
  • Watch Rachel’s Live Q&A here. She reviews the results of Day One for participants and explains why some worked and some didn’t starting at 6:30. If you only have time to watch 2 minutes, watch the example at 29:30.

Day Two

  • Get the tasks and watch the video here.
  • Get the printable here.
  • Things in the Discussion will start to pick up. I highly recommend you follow along. It’s helpful to see what is working and not working for others. It takes a while for many to wrap their brains around.

Day Three

Day Four

  • Tasks & video here.
  • Printable here.
  • Rachel’s live Q&A. She answered various questions about the challenge so far. She also showed how to easily post only to a certain Friend List (at minute 21:42).

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

  • Tasks & video here.
  • Printable here (the same as Day 6).
  • Rachel’s Q&A video with my timestamps. She walked through a few sifting question, showed how to drive people from Pages to Groups and more.

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten