How to Start a Blog (to Make Money)

Updated July 2, 2020 Wondering how to start a blog? Hi, I’m Amy. I’m glad you’re here! In this simple guide for beginners, I’ll show you how to start the most popular type of blog — a self-hosted WordPress blog — no technical experience required.

The Depositphotos Deal: How It Works

May 5, 2020 When creating graphics for my website, I use paid-for ones, not free ones which tend to be overused. I keep costs low by getting them during the Depositphotos deal. It comes around about twice a year and is highly anticipated by content creators. Why? Because stock photos at a steep discount.

How I Make Money Online

April 8, 2020 Sometimes I’m asked, “Amy, how do you make money online? I’m not exactly sure what your online business is, or what it does.” Let me answer that.