How to Handle Negative Feedback

I got this email yesterday regarding Tell Your Time: To Whom It May Concern, I recently purchased To Tell Your Time and honestly was very disappointed with my purchase. It wasn’t even that no new information was presented. I simply didn’t feel that I received any helpful information at all. I would greatly appreciate a …

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How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Updated March 11, 2016 Bernadine asked, How [do I] get more readers to comment? I don’t make money off of my blog, it’s more of a community service. When I meet people in person and they express their gratitude I thank them and tell them to comment more to keep me motivated to keep going.

20 Practical Questions About Online Balance

Updated March 26, 2016 Maintaining balance on social media, blogging and the internet is a challenge for many. It certainly is for me. Something about it sucks you in and doesn’t let go. I think it’s the 24/7 nature of it, always offering something to take our minds off the present. The internet simply does not stop.