The Depositphotos Deal: How It Works

May 5, 2020

When creating graphics for my website, I use paid-for ones, not free ones which tend to be overused. I keep costs low by getting them during the Depositphotos deal. It comes around about twice a year and is highly anticipated by content creators. Why? Because stock photos at a steep discount.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links through which I’m paid. No additional cost to you. More here.

Stock photos and graphics typically cost at least $1 each, like on Canva. Some cost much more, like on Getty Images. During the Depositphotos deal, they cost 49 cents or less.

I love this deal and have bought it more than once. It’s legit.

When is the next Depositphotos sale?

They aren’t on a set schedule. This deal comes around about twice a year and goes until the available codes run out. Sign up for my Flash Deals Notifications list to get notified as soon as I see it pop up again.

How does it work?

The deal runs through AppSumo. You won’t find the deal on the Depositphotos site directly. This confuses some, so like I said, if you’re on my my Flash Deals Notifications list I’ll let you know!

What kinds of images can I get?

All kinds. Millions (literally). Before you purchase this deal, I highly recommend going to the Depositphotos website and browsing.

How do content creators use these images?

To create graphics for blog posts, Pinterest, YouTube thumbnails, ebook covers, social media content and elsewhere. I most often use them by uploading them to my (free) Canva account and using them in my blog graphics.

How to get the Depositphotos deal

  1. Go here. (The deal runs through AppSumo.) Update: The deal is not live currently but if you’re on my list, I’ll let you know when it’s available again.
  2. Click the yellow button to buy a code.
  3. Choose the number of codes you want to buy. Each code will give you 100 photos. The amount you choose depends on how often you use stock photos and graphics. (This deal comes around usually twice per year.) If you want 100 photos, get one code. Want 300 photos? Get 3 codes.
  4. Proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.
  5. You’ll get a code (or multiple codes depending on how many you bought). You need to apply this code to your Depositphotos account within 60 days. Not difficult, but important. After that, you can download photos as you need them, even if you don’t need them for months or longer later.

How to use the Depositphotos deal

Once your purchase is complete, click the Next steps button to go to your AppSumo account.

You can also get to your account by clicking the link in your receipt email. Or, when you’re logged into your AppSumo account, go to My Products via the menu under your account in the top right corner.

Next, you must redeem your code. What does this mean? You bought the deal from AppSumo. They’ll give you a code to plug into Depositphotos which basically puts a credit in your Depositphotos account for the number of images you bought. Don’t worry, this is easy, but you must redeem your code at Depositphotos within 60 days! I do it immediately so I don’t forget. Let me show you how.

Below is a screenshot of my AppSumo account. (I got to this screen via the instructions above.) You can see I’ve bought 2 codes this time around. Go to the Select menu next to the code to redeem. Choose Redemption instructions:

On the next screen, first click the Copy to Clipboard button to get your code. Then click the Redeem Now button. This will take you to the Depositphotos site. If you don’t have a Depositphotos account, sign up. If you do, sign in.

Once you’re signed in, paste your code in the box at the bottom and hit Apply. Done. If you purchased more than one code like I did, go back and repeat the process.

You can see how many images (downloads) you have left at any time in your Depositphotos account > Home.

Notice they never expire, so whether you need an image today or a year from now, just log into your Depositphotos account, search for the image you want, download it and use it. Get the deal now.

Do I have to link to Depositphotos if I use one

Typcially no. Just make sure you use them according to the standard license.

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