My Honest Review of Elite Blog Academy

Updated March 2, 2020

Wondering if Elite Blog Academy is right for you? I bought EBA version 1.0 in 2014 and have followed its evolution through the latest version (4.0). My goal is to provide an unhyped opinion and realistic picture of what to expect so you can make an informed decision.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links through which I’m paid. No additional cost to you. More here.

Table of contents

My personal experience with Elite Blog Academy

I read & watched most of the content in versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 although I did not personally complete all the assignments. This is mainly due to differences in my approach and my already-set business rhythm.

I have not gone through all of version 4.0. The module and unit topics in 4.0 are the same as 3.0 but new information has been added, particularly to the latter units. EBA has changed considerably since version 1.0.

I bought this course primarily to vet for my readers and provide my honest take.

What is Elite Blog Academy (EBA)?

Elite Blog Academy is a training program by blogger, podcaster and author Ruth Soukup. It outlines a framework for bloggers who want to turn their blog into a sustainable business.

When is EBA open?

It opens once a year, for 5 days, in early March. Get on the waiting list for 2021. Don’t want to wait? I purchased and wrote a review about Project 24, an alternative, which is open year-round.

Does EBA work?

It has worked well for some. Here’s a roundtable discussion roundtable discussion with a few of its most successful students. More success stories can be found here.

Keep in mind, results vary widely. The content is solid, but success in the course does not depend on content alone. EBA is not a magic bullet and does not work for everyone.

How much does Elite Blog Academy cost?

$1097 to $4997. There are 3 tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each tier has a payment plan. If you choose a payment plan, you will have limited access to the course until your final payment is received.

Are there additional costs associated with EBA?

Yes. Many paid-for tools and services are suggested throughout EBA. Some of them are integral to the course, like an email service provider (ESP) to grow your mailing list. Others are optional, but are used by Ruth and recommended by her. It’s difficult to say what the total financial investment will be (EBA + incidentals), but plan to spend at least a few hundred dollars on incidentals.

Also, if you choose the Platinum tier, expenses related to the live event (flight, hotel, etc.) will be your responsibility.

How long will it take to recoup the cost?

There are too many factors to say for sure, but I would say at least 12 months for the Silver and Gold tiers and 6+ months for the Platinum tier.

A few students may recoup the cost sooner, others will take longer, and still others may never recoup the cost.

EBA has the tools, but making a specific amount of money — or any money — is not guaranteed.

Factors that will likely impact how successful you are, and how quickly, include:

  • Prior blogging experience
  • Time and attention spent working on the assignments
  • Quality of the content you produce
  • Willingness to be creative and take risks

In addition, there are variables outside of your control that will likely affect your outcome as well, like:

  • Social media algorithms
  • Search engine algorithms
  • Responses from your readers

Is EBA worth it?

All three tiers use the same core curriculum. The Gold tier has more content extras. Platinum has all the content plus in-person guidance.

Personally, I would probably pass on the Silver and Gold tiers. The Platinum tier may be worth it for some. Let me explain.

(If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.)

Silver and Gold

Three things make me hesitant to recommend the Silver and Gold tiers.

First, Silver and Gold are self-paced, meaning, you’ll get access to a lot of information but you have to work through it on your own. The information is solid, and the modules are in step-by-step order but for many students, the lack of guidance makes progress slow and overwhelming. To some it might feel like being handed a textbook for a college course and told to go for it.

Second, I wonder if Ruth’s high involvement in the Platinum tier may reduce her availability in the Silver and Gold tiers. Her team and other EBA members are still involved, but it’s clear many students want Ruth’s input specifically. This might not be a dealbreaker for some but may be for others.

Third, Silver and Gold cost a lot of money, especially for content created well over a year ago. Version 4.0 was released in early 2019 but created and recorded in 2018. Things change fast in blogging. Best practices in 2018 are not necessarily best practices in 2020. Granted, much of the content is timeless, but for $1100-$1500 it seems students shouldn’t have to wonder.


I actually think the Platinum tier is worth a look for a (tiny) few. Here’s why.

For the first time in EBA, Ruth will personally guide Platinum students through the course. I’ve taken both guided and self-paced courses. In my experience, guided courses return better results. Plus, because she’s interacting in real time, Ruth can immediately address any outdated content in the core curriculum.

Also, the Platinum level will be smaller (only 50 spots). The camaraderie in a small group of intensely goal-focused students is a huge benefit. It’s likely to have a mastermind group feel, as opposed to a massive group feel. (There are over 6000 members in the larger Facebook Group where Silver and Gold students hang out.)

In addition, Platinum is designed to get you through the entire course in 6 months. This is significantly faster than the self-paced version which often takes students 12-18+ months to complete. The goal is for every Platinum member to be making money by the end of six months. That’s a big goal, but if anyone is up to the task it’s Ruth.

Platinum includes:

  • Weekly video meetings with Ruth
  • 3 check-in points along the way when specific feedback will be given by Ruth and her team to make sure students are on track
  • Personalized website audit
  • One-day, in-person workshop in Florida focused on traffic and list building. (Note! Expenses related to the in-person workshop are not included in the Platinum price.)

One-on-one and small-group coaching seems to be where Ruth shines. She clearly enjoys it and from what I can tell, students with direct input from her are the ones who’ve made the most significant and sustainable progress.

Having said that, $5000 + incidentals + trip expenses is a lot of money. The decision to join should not be taken lightly (ask yourself these questions first), but it might be a good deal for a select few. Which leads me to…

Who’s the right person for EBA?

The Silver and Gold tiers have solid, comprehensive and organized information, but the overall return on investment (ROI) is a stretch for me. I think the ROI on the Platinum is better so I’ll talk about that here. But even Platinum is not right for many. Stick with me here.

I met Ruth briefly many years ago. I haven’t interacted with her in a one-on-one or small group coaching setting so mine are observations from the outside only.

Ruth teaches what she knows (obviously) so consider her style. She works full time and employs a team. Her goal is to build a large business, not a minimalist online business or side hustle.

I think it’s fair to say she’s extremely driven, focused and competitive. She isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks, even if it’s hard to hear. She’s not mean, just direct. She’s quick to call out overanalyzing, procrastinating, limiting beliefs, timidity and general lollygagging. She’s an action-taker, get-it-doner and go-big-or-go-homer.

If you sign up for Platinum, expect an intense experience. There will be assignments with hard deadlines. She will not let you off the hook easily. Any free time you have between March and September will likely be spent on EBA. There will be high highs, low lows, and probably tears for some. She’ll expect you to be completely committed to the process.

The best candidate for EBA Platinum is someone who thrives under that kind of direction, or someone with similar personality traits and goals as Ruth but isn’t sure what to do next, or needs a firm kick in the pants.

Can you recommend cheaper alternatives?

I’ve purchased a lot of courses over the years and they all offer something different. However, if you want a start-to-finish roadmap to make blogging as passive as possible (not necessarily the EBA model), my first recommendation would be Project 24. They do not issue refunds, so keep that in mind. Read my full review of Project 24 here. My style and blogging philosophy are pretty close to theirs.

Another option is my How to Start an Online Business: A Budget-Friendly Checklist. It’s not nearly as in depth but it’s free and will get you off the ground quickly.

What does EBA include?

The core curriculum is organized into 4 modules, each with 3 units. There are a total of 36 assignments. Each unit has an email, a video (with transcript), assignments (with downloadable workbook pages) and a Q&A video.

EBA starts with the basics, so if you’ve been blogging for any length of time, or if you follow what goes on in the blogging world, much of the information will be familiar. The depth and scope of the material are what makes EBA different. That, and following the experience of Ruth who started a blog and subsequently built a seven figure business.

You can get more details and explanation here, but here’s an overview of the modules and units:

Module 1: Refine Your Message

  • Unit 1: Start With The Fundamentals
  • Unit 2: Conquer Your Content
  • Unit 3: Presentation is Everything

Module 2: Grow Your Traffic

  • Unit 4: Set The Stage For Growth
  • Unit 5: Grow Your List
  • Unit 6: Rock Your Social Media

Module 3: Monetize Your Platform

  • Unit 7: Show Me The Money
  • Unit 8: Create Your Products
  • Unit 9: Master Sales & Marketing

Module 4: Build Your Business

  • Unit 10: Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Unit 11: From Blog To Business
  • Unit 12: Lead Your Team

Members also get:

  • Access to a private Facebook Group. This is a place to share ideas, ask questions, network and find encouragement.
  • A printable course syllabus.
  • 20+ bonus items. There are extra interview-style videos that deep dive into specific topics like Instagram, tripwires, affiliate marketing, podcasting and more. There are also printables and products from EBA graduates and others.

What does EBA not include?

Unit 1 starts with an assessment of your current blog, so the assumption is you’ve already started a blog. If you haven’t, I have a quick (free) step-by-step guide here.

Technical help is not a main focus of EBA either.

What is the EBA success rate?

I don’t know how many of the 11,000 EBA students have been successful. By “successful” I mean have established an ongoing, profit-generating blogging business after completing the course.

I do know EBA has worked well for some. Again, watch the round table discussion with Ruth and four EBA students, or read the success stories.

I do know EBA has been a disappointment for some. I know this from emails I’ve personally received and from discussions I’ve seen online. This is not unusual though. Not everyone loves every product.

How much direct access to Ruth will I get?

As explained above, Platinum students will get the most direct access to Ruth. She will hold weekly meetings for Platinum students and will host a one-day live event.

The Silver and Gold tiers get less access. Currently, she holds office hours in the larger Facebook Group (6500+ members) about one hour every other week. Most of the interaction in the Facebook Group is between current students and members of Ruth’s team.

Pros of EBA

Community. EBA’s built-in community (Facebook Group) is valuable and probably its greatest asset. It gives you a chance to ask questions, get ideas, share ideas, ask for advice, get support, provide encouragement and interact with other bloggers who “get” you.

Bonuses. In version 4.0, the bonuses definitely add more value. As I mentioned earlier, they provide in-depth information about specific topics.

Q&A videos. Each unit includes a video of Ruth answering questions from real students. The dialogue is helpful and informative.

Success stories. Ruth is knowledgeable and has clearly experienced a lot of success. Many of her students have experienced success too. In other words, the program can, and has, worked.

Organized information. As is typical with courses like this, much of the material can be found for free online…if you’re willing to hunt. A lot of people don’t have time for that, nor do they know where to start. For new bloggers, or bloggers who are lacking in direction or fundamentals, EBA will definitely give you a jumpstart.

Packaged well. EBA has a clean and simple interface. Getting around is easy and straightforward.

Access to any future versions. You’ll have “lifetime access for the life of the EBA course.” As I mentioned, historically, new information has been added to each version making the course more and more valuable.

Cons of EBA

Stringent return policy. Don’t purchase EBA with the intention of “checking it out” and getting your money back if it’s not for you. You must prove you completed the entire course before a refund will be issued. From the EBA return policy page (emphasis mine):

If you’re expecting Elite Blog Academy, or anything else to magically solve your problems, grow your blog, or make you money the moment you register, please do NOT sign up…

In order to be eligible for a refund for our full course, Elite Blog Academy 4.0, you must submit your completed homework for all 36 assignments by 365 days from your purchase date

Read the return policy in full by clicking the FAQ link at the top of this page.

Cost. For many, the total cost (course + incidentals) will be prohibitive. If you find yourself in that spot, please know, products like EBA are not a prerequisite to “making it” as a blogger. You might be interested in my post 8 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Online Course.

Long runway. If you follow all the steps as they are presented and purchase the additional tools suggested, it will be quite a while (12+ months is not unusual) before you start to gain traction and make your money back.

Overwhelm. I’ve heard people say they bought EBA but didn’t finish it. They either weren’t expecting the amount of work involved, had a backlog of other courses they were trying to get through or got bogged down somewhere in the process. If you’re worried about this, it might be better to find smaller courses on specific topics you need.

Repeat information for some. This is a comprehensive course beginning with the basics. If you have any background in blogging or online marketing, you will likely be familiar with a good portion of the content.

Time commitment. I don’t think this can be overstated. You will not finish this course (properly at least) in a few weeks. It will take months. This is assuming working at least 5-10 hours a week. I’ve heard students say it has taken 8, 12, 18+ months to complete.

Limited technical help. While there is a lot of strategic help, EBA doesn’t cover many of the technical aspects of blogging. If you’re hoping for a lot of technical help, this course might not be the place to start.

Outdated content. The current version of EBA (4.0) was created in late 2018 and released in early 2019. For blogging and online business information, that’s quite old. While much of the information in EBA is timeless, there are parts that are no longer relevant. It’s especially difficult for newer bloggers to know the difference.

Consider your style & season

When you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy a course, consider the product’s features, but look beyond them too.

Do you share the creator’s style? Are you in a similar life season? Do you want to spend your days the way they spend theirs? If so, you’re more likely to benefit from their product.

For example, Ruth and I have very different styles & seasons:

  • She’s generally all in. Me? I like to keep my options open and pivot quickly.
  • She runs her business full time and her husband stays home full time. My current situation is the opposite.
  • She likes to say, “Rules are for suckers!” whereas I like to say, “Follow the rules but think outside the box.”
  • Her kids go to school full time. My kids go to school two days a week and are home the rest.
  • She’s comfortable with incurring debt to get your business off the ground. Building debt free is more my style.
  • She has elementary- and middle school-aged kids. My oldest is in college and my youngest is in middle school.
  • She has referred to herself as a “jump first” type. I prefer to do things thoughtfully out of the gate so I don’t have to go back and pay for, or redo, things later.
  • She’s building a corporation with a big team, huge numbers and a lot of moving parts. I prefer a lightweight team, big numbers and a streamlined setup.

The point is, our circumstances are quite different. We’re two different women living and entrepreneuring in two different ways. Neither way is right nor wrong. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

What’s important is knowing what floats your boat.

How to get a taste of EBA and Ruth’s style

Ruth has created several resources that will give you a taste of her style. All of them are free in exchange for your email address:


There are countless ways to build a blog into an online business. That’s what I love about it! It means we all have an equal shot. There is no one “right” way.

If the description of EBA (or perhaps the description of Ruth) sounds like your style, read more about Elite Blog Academy here.

83 thoughts on “My Honest Review of Elite Blog Academy”

  1. Katrina Gabelko

    I agree that the Elite Blogging Academy seems to have a solid core content & to have launched many a blogger-entrepreneur’s success. My BIG mistake was to sign up without reading reviews such as this one. I took the “100% refund” policy at face value— and did not realize that a refund is only possible if the course has been completed. My 75 year-old mother enjoyed the blogging boot camp so I signed her up for EBA. She’s since had some medical complications, doesn’t feel up to doing the course, and is justifiably concerned about finances. I happily paid the price tag. I was happy to pay for her to enjoy and learn from the class. In the wake of the federal government shutdown, I’m feeling like I have egg on my face, that I just threw $1,000 to the wind. I should have put it in the bank, as a cushion against the next shutdown or similar emergency. I’ll know better next time.

  2. Thanks Amy,

    I too, like many, have started a blog and considered joining EBA also. The price tag is large, especially from a Canadian point of view 😉
    I honestly feel that information is free and can be found from great people who have made it already and then “pay it forward”. Gary Vee comes to mind.
    Spending half the time the course would take and less pressure would also result in you learning the skills needed.

    Joining a FB group is also free and there are many around so try a couple out.
    I was on the fence but your post seemed to push me back over to reality which for me is to continue self-learning through networking trial and error. Best way to learn I say.

    Thanks again. love the work.

    Day off Chef

  3. Wow, Amy. This was spot on and so helpful. My blog launched last week. I have 85 people on my email list and have gotten a few comments…all of this coming from my social media sphere (colleagues, family and friends). As I have done my research to start the blog, I have found your content more helpful than any others. It’s simple, clear, super informative and not salesy. You say you’re not a relationship builder but I will tell you, as a career marketer and digital marketer, you’re doing an amazing job building a tribe that likes and trusts you. I learned this philosophy from Katie Lance and have employed it in my day job with great success. Your last piece on style….your style really resonates with me and that is the thing that helped confirm what my gut was telling me which is to forgo EBA for now in favor of staying focused on my mission and working on followers and engagement to find out if my work is resonating.

    1. Thank you, Christine, for your encouragement and kind words. I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the content here. Congrats on a fantastic start!

  4. I am a member of EBA and it has changed my life! The part about how it opens doors for a new career path is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO true!!!! I was burnt out after a 15 year teaching career. After starting EBA my digital marketing skills exploded!! I mean to the point where it qualified me to take on a digital marketing position at a company. And I LOVE it. I am able to cross-reference the knowledge and skills I learned from EBA into my job, and vice versa. I know some of you are turned off by the price, but this is an investment worth its weight in GOLD. It has seriously changed my life for the better and I’m so grateful to Ruth Soukup for having the passion and drive to help others. Seriously, God Bless this woman.

  5. Ooohh weee! That’s alot of bucks to be paying for a blogging program. Almost a hot grand. I would’ve tucked that money away or found a way to grow it through PPC advertising of affiliate links or put into real estate. For me, I just write long content and keep the faith that business increases.

  6. Thanks Amy,

    I too, like many, have started a blog and considered joining EBA also. The price tag is large, especially from a Canadian point of view 😉
    I honestly feel that information is free and can be found from great people who have made it already and then “pay it forward”. Gary Vee comes to mind.
    Spending half the time the course would take and less pressure would also result in you learning the skills needed.

    Joining a FB group is also free and there are many around so try a couple out.
    I was on the fence but your post seemed to push me back over to reality which for me is to continue self-learning through networking trial and error. Best way to learn I say.

    Thanks again. love the work.

    Day off Chef

  7. Once again Amy, thank you so much for your totally sound advice!

    EBA is such a hot topic at the moment, and I’ve somehow gotten myself on the lists for Ruth & all the others who are her super-followers … as mentioned by someone else, the emails have been endless. I am following it all as best I can. I have blogged in the past, but never with the intensity I am planning moving forward. Information about how to blog is just SO prevalent … it’s really ridiculous and very overwhelming. Earlier this year, I was on the line … to pay nearly a grand, or wait. I’ve decided to wait. Instead, I am trying to stick to a schedule for blog training, and spend no more than that per week … or just go nuts! The rest of my blog time (lean right now as I edge toward retiring from #1 job) is dedicated to CONTENT!

    As a replacement for EBA, I bought Ruth’s book, How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul – 2nd edition published in 2014 – $8.32 on Amazon. The syllabus you laid out here Amy, for EBA 3.0, is mostly covered in the 12 chapters in her book. Each chapter ends with an “action plan”, that I figure links to the assignments in the course. As soon as I get my blog operational (target date 3/17/18), I plan to begin going thru the chapters & doing the assignments. For the way I work, and my budget, this is doable for me at present.

    On this same subject, Amy have you any experience with Building a Framework by Abby Lawson? This is a lovely course I bought last year, on sale for $70. It is also lifetime access, and today’s price on her site (justagirlandherblog) is $97. It covers an awful lot of things, including (what EBA lacks), how to actually set up your blog from the beginning – very helpful to me. It’s also got a FB group, and tons of video training. I’d love to hear your opinion!

    1. @Tess, that you so much for you informative reply. I will follow it. What is the name of your blog I would like to follow you?

    2. Such an excellent response. I have joined EBA last year. It’s a nice course, but I did not complete it…yet. Ruth is a terrific writer and her content is so relevant.

      I also read Ruth’s book as mentioned here and it was excellent. The book content does hold similar information as in the EBA course.

      Have read Abby Lawson’s Building a Framework and it is EXCELLENT, maybe the best book I’ve read on getting set up. Well written and the information is presented beautifully. This one book will save many new bloggers lots of time and probably money too.

      The one thing I would recommend above all else is: research your choice for website host thoroughly. Buyer beware. There are positive reviews out there that are just obsolete. One site I have used for research is

      Good luck to all.

    3. Tess…

      Have you launched your site yet? I’m considering purchasing Abby Lawson’s $97 course. Are you learning LOTS from it?

      I have my domain and hosting…nothing else yet (lol)

      I’ve learned so much from Amy Lynn Andrews that my head might explode 🙂

  8. Oh, thank you so much for this review. I’ve been researching EBA for at least a year or so. I’m finally at the point where I’m wanting to make regular supplemental income from my blog and had been considering signing up. However, we’re just about to move and budget is a bit tight at the moment and $800 is a lot! If it was only $300 like originally, I might have just pulled the plug. But $800? Eek.

    I truly appreciate your honesty about EBA. I too strive to be honest in my blog posts…especially about courses and offers (like the Ultimate Bundles) that seem too good to be true.

    TBH, I already have a lot of blogging knowledge as I’ve been blogging for 4 years (and own Ruth’s book from a previous Ultimate Bundle sale 🙂 ), I mostly struggle with finding the time to work on my blog as I should. I was *mostly* considering the cost of EBA for the connections and the facebook community it could provide.

    I think for the time being I’m going to keep plugging along with what I’ve got and try to hustle more. Maybe next year – if I still feel like I need that extra bump in growth, and if there’s more room in the budget – I’ll try for next years EBA class.

    Thanks again so much for your very thorough post!

    1. Mommy Jhy |

      Oh, so Ruth’s book is also included in Ultimate Bundle? I’ll probably just wait for that rather than buying her book. Thanks for the info!

  9. Thank you so much for this review. I’ve been blog researching on my own for a few years and I have seen the top bloggers promote this course – ad nauseam. I’ve had to unsubscribe from a few because of the constant emails regarding this product especially when it’s about to reopen. I’m going to assume that as affiliate members they make their money back somewhat by selling it to others. In any case, I’m sure it’s great for some and not for others. I myself, would probably never follow through and finish this course (I know myself too well) and would be totally annoyed that I paid close to a grand for it.


    P. S. I wait with baited breath for your newsletter every week. 🙂

      1. @Amy, thank you so much for breaking down EBA. I am a beginner blogger, for me the price is stiff right now, I am going to read Ruth’s book & other material from other bloggers.

  10. Thank you for the review. Since enrollment is opening soon the course is being talked about and reviewed a lot. Your review is the first I have read that talks about the time commitment needed to work through, and finish, the course. Yours is the first that references any incidental costs. I was considering taking the course but it would have been a real squeeze on the budget just for the course alone. There would be no money for incidentals! I knew it would take a time commitment, I did not realize how much. This year at least, that time is not available. So thank you again for the review!

  11. Hi Amy,

    I thought I would come leave my 2 cents since I just started the EBA course in February. I’ve had many unsuccessful blogs in the past and the only reason that I picked up EBA is because I wanted a roadmap that showed me how to turn my blog into a business.

    I personally don’t have the time to spend hours everyday trying to find the right answers. So I decided to pick up the course that I’ve read has changed many bloggers lives.

    You’re right about many of the topics and answers, you can find those online. You can pretty much find anything online, as long as you have the time to kill. I’ve been trying to build a consistent online business for about 4 years and I have learned some new things I have never known about.

    I am still in Unit 4 (Grow Your Platform) so I have a ways to go to complete it. I still can’t tell you if it’s actually worth the $800 I spent. I do know that I haven’t made my money back yet 🙂 I am taking my time to go through the entire course, I want to be sure that I didn’t just spend $800 and NOT implement any of the steps.

    So I am taking my sweet time. After all, I have lifetime access to the course. I spend about 2-3 hours per day working on my blog. (sometimes more, because I love it)

    What are my current results? Well, when I first started the course I was averaging 20 visitors per day on my blog. I am now averaging 50 per day. So I am starting to see some results. I only had 4 email subscribers when I started, now I have 16. (I know that’s not much, but it’s finally growing) It’s encouraging to actually see my numbers grow.

    However, I have worked like a dog on my blog doing all the assignments. Be prepared to work to fix your blog and write a ton of content.

    When I started the course, my blog was only 4 months old. I decided to pick it up because I wanted a clear roadmap of the steps I should take to build my business.

    My last blog failed because I wasn’t willing to jump on social media, I focused 100% on SEO. Plus my blog was all over the place. I don’t think that anyone who visited my blog would know what it was about.

    So is it worth the $800?

    Well I haven’t earned a penny from the course yet. (I have no doubt that my blog will earn an income eventually) The 28th of this month will be a month since I’ve been working the course. I am starting to see results and I really like that. I finally know what direction I am going with my own blog. If it teaches me how to take my blog from hobby to business, then I think it will definitely be worth the investment.

    I don’t come from an entrepreneurial background and the business part has never been easy for me. So that is the main reason I picked it up. I needed help with the marketing and the business aspect. I don’t want to spend hours and hours searching for free information. I like it all packaged nice and neat so I know where to find it.

    You’re right, it is a lot of money. I had to think long and hard about it. Thank goodness I the money I earn from my WordPress freelance business was able to pay for it. (my goal is to move away from WordPress freelance) Otherwise, I don’t think I would’ve bought it.

    It’s not a magic bullet. There’s a ton of work involved. They do have a Facebook group, but I really don’t spend a lot of time in there. I instead, choose to focus on growing my own blog and writing content and networking with other bloggers.

    If you’re NOT tech savvy, you won’t find any technical information in the course. So you will still need to figure that part out. (Thank goodness, I’m techie enough to know my way around WordPress.)

    Anyway, I just wanted to give you my review of EBA. If you do pick it up, just know that I haven’t found a lot of new secrets. (although I have learned a few new things I didn’t know) Maybe I’ll come back and leave an updated review after a year of 6 months of implementing the steps in the course.

    Don’t think that just because you pick up the course, you’re going to see success. Nothing’s going to change for your blog, if you don’t do the work. And there’s a lot of work, trust me.

    So there you have it, I just wanted to leave my 2 cents about whether or not it’s worth $800. For me it was worth not having to search for all the answers. If I learn how to turn my blog into a business, then it’s definitely worth it.

    Now I can focus on growing my blog and NOT scrounge the Internet for free information. Plus I won’t have to worry about buying any other products for my blog.

    Amy, you’ve definitely left a thorough review of EBA and I am sure that anyone could’ve made a decision based off it. However, I just thought I’d leave my feedback since I did pay $800 for the course. 🙂

    Have a great Sunday!

    – Susan

    1. Thank you, Susan! I really appreciate your thoughts and feedback. It’s always great to hears someone else’s experience.

  12. Hi Amy! Do you feel this is a good course for a travel blog? My blog is 6 months old, fairly established for the beginner level and I fit all of your “Are you…” criteria. Definitely been asking a lot of questions you listed, but not sure it’s right for travel blogging? Thanks!

    1. Hi Heather,

      Let me start by saying I have not gone through all of 3.0 (which was totally redone), but I would say yes. The course covers a lot of fundamentals and topics relevant to most bloggers, like laying a good foundation, knowing your target audience, crafting great content, list building, monetizing (from display ads to creating a product), launching a product and then thinking beyond your blog to building a team and a bona fide company.

      I hope that helps!

  13. Carla from Kansas

    For individuals that are planning to use and are lost or confused I’d like to recommend ed2go. This is an online school with online classes. I just finished a 6 week course on setting up a blog/website and it helped so much with the technical aspects. It was $125. I’m not affiliated with them and earn no money from letting you know about them. Just a satisfied student.

  14. Thank you Amy! So helpful to have an honest review. We cannot afford the course right now, and I am confident that having a year under my belt blogging will be the best investment right now. Then hopefully by next year, if I still think I need it, we should be able to afford it. Currently, my husband loves information digging and is trying to help me find all the information I need without the course.

  15. I wish I wouldve read this before I signed up 🙁 I’m definitely a newbie blogger. I set one up last year before I set off to a conference for speakers. Is there a way to quit EBA? I can’t find it on the site.

  16. Hey Amy,

    I’m also an EBA alum (and a huge fan of your blog). I just saw this post and wanted to give you a huge high-five…this is SUCH a great breakdown of such an awesome program. You’re thorough posts on topics like this are incredible, and your readers are really grateful for all the effort and work you put into posts like this. Thank you!

    1. I’d like to add an Amen to Lisa’s comment. I’m embarrassed to say I bought EBA at least a year ago and hadn’t opened it up until 3 days ago. My bad!!! As Lisa said, thank you for this thorough and thoughtful review.

  17. Hey Amy!

    I have been a silent fan of yours for some time now. I admire you and you have given me tremendous inspiration. I decided to reach out to you today because I am excited I enrolled in EBA! I made sure to click from your link in this post to enroll because of course I learned about EBA from you.

    I started blogging with a training program to learn affiliate marketing, but I have been really struggling to develop my writing skills and find my place in the blogosphere. I believe Ruth is going to help me do that.

    Thank you so much for your blog and for being genuine. I love the way you write, share your story, and market. You are the kind of professional blogger I aspire to become.

    P.S. I subscribe to your Useletter and Knowtbook. They are great.

    All the best! ~Gina

  18. Hi, Amy

    Since I started working with blogs, a year ago, I came across your blog and loved. Signed the usletter and have inspired me a lot about you and your way of doing things in a very honest way, for example, guide their readers through affiliate links. And in this article today, I do not you just sell the course, but it makes a reputable review about it. And that inspire much confidence. I am reflecting on you, and hope, in a few times, achieve as much success as you. Unfortunately still do not speak enough English to attend the course, but I’m learning. (You may have noticed that I am using Google translate, because it must have funny stuff here)

    Big hug

  19. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for the awesome and objective review! I love your transparency and honesty. Your post helped me make my decision to wait on EBA until I have been blogging a bit longer and now I’m even more exited to join EBA. Love your posts, tips and content. You rock!


  20. Hello Amy, thanks for your this review. Really i am so much glad to read this kind of real customers reviews. And Thanks for telling us the truth. There are a lot’s of reviews who never shares any negative feedback. But you did positive and negative both . That’s why by reading your this one, i become your loyal one of loyal reader ..

    Happy Friday. Have a Good Week End

  21. Hi Amy,
    I’ve really enjoyed your review. I am currently doing the EBA course and very much enjoying it.
    One of the main things I am enjoying with the course is the Facebook group that went with our first group. I would strongly suggest each new group set up a Facebook group to go with the class for bonding and discussion.

    I, like you, thought the course was very similar to the book. However, I soon learnt from the rest of the group just how much I didn’t know about professional blogging.
    Since joining the EBA course and the Facebook group and also Private Online Community Forum, I now know the book was no-where near enough for me. We need to follow along, some of us at a much slower pace due to family and work commitments, and discuss many of the things that are both in the book and in the course at a much deeper level than I reached when just reading and implementing the book.

    I don’t think the EBA course is suitable for beginners. I think it is really important to have your blog established, your social media set up and get a good feel for photography, using other things such as Photoshop or the much cheaper and very handy Picmonkey or other design applications and understand how to use links to connect everything long before setting out on the EBA course. I wish that had been made really clear before venturing on the course. I know many of us feel a bit behind the 8 ball as our blogs were just being formed when we signed up for EBA.

    Having said that, the Facebook group has been just wonderful for those of us whose blogs were not quite ready, as the long term bloggers really helped us out a lot and have been wonderful mentors.

    The new Members Forum is going along great but I think, as great as it is, a group FB page per group is most important.

    I would advise everyone to follow your blog here first, long before doing EBA to learn how to set up their blog properly from the start. I can’t tell you just how much easier your blog and newsletter have made to setting up my blog. Your complete instructions have taken so much of the searching and guesswork out of blogging for me. I just wish I had found your blog here long before starting to set up my blog. I’d have saved not just hours or days but literally weeks of searching time. Time I just didn’t really have to spare.

    Thanks very much for all the amazing help you have given me. I read this blog of yours all the time and thoroughly enjoy your Useletter. I find your style of writing very clear and easy to understand. Many other, setting up your blog, blogs leave out really important steps which have me running round in circles and it is extremely frustrating.

    I think you should write and sell a series of books such as ‘setting up your mail account and how to link it to your blog and newsletter’. And ‘how to choose colour schemes and layouts for your blog’. Also ‘how to link your blog to Social Media’. I would certainly buy them for myself and give them as gifts to friends starting out.


    1. Hi Gerardine,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. Comments like yours I find invaluable – truly helpful to all. Your take on FBA is great and I appreciate your feedback and insight. I’m so glad you’ve found it to be a great community. This is not surprising to me at all. I’ve heard bits and pieces from others in the FB group and their sentiments are much like yours. I do hope the new forum proves to be as helpful to those who have just joined. Thanks again!

  22. Hi Amy,

    Thank you so much for your honest review. As a new blogger myself I have been finding the copious amounts of information available to be a little overwhelming. Then there is the difficulty of sifting through what is valuable and what is not – not an easy task as a new blogger.

    Prior to reading your post I had been debating about whether to enroll in a course (such as EBA) or attend a workshop/conference (such as the upcoming Pro Blogger one). After reading this I have decided to purchase Ruth’s book as a starting point then attend a workshop and if after then I wish to push things that bit further I will enroll in a course.

    Thank you so much for helping me come to this decision, with a limited budget (blogging is still filed under ‘hobby’ for me as I haven’t started monetising yet) your review was a massive help.

    Kindest Regards,

    1. Mommy Jhy |

      Hi Krystal,
      FYI, Problogger is coming up with a blogging course.

  23. I am only starting out so this article helped me decide that the book is good to start and perhaps later try the class. Your blog is wonderful for the technical side and I thank you for all the great info and your down to earth and easy to read writing style. I know you mentioned you don’t like writing, but you clearly have a gift from God. Thank you.

  24. I know others have stated this before but THANK YOU!
    So often I feel as if others are making money by giving some the hope of making money. I have to step back and ask myself if I really need what it is that they are offering or if it would be more beneficial to learn the tactics on my own.
    I don’t think that Ruth has done any harm, if people are willing to buy then she can always make a profit from them. I just wastn’t willing to buy the product this time. Funny thing was, I sat in my office before reading this, worried that I was taking the long road. Perhaps I am, but I think that if anyone truly loves and believes in what they are doing, then the long road will be fine. At the end of the day I just want to be able to lay my head down on the pillow and feel confident that I haven’t lead any one astray, particularly my family. I knew that my husband would have agreed to us buying this if I “really needed it” but I just can’t lay my head down on the pillow knowing that the same amount of money needed to buy this product would feed my family for weeks.

    1. I love your comment, especially, “but I think that if anyone truly loves and believes in what they are doing, then the long road will be fine.” I’ve just recently decided to take blogging more seriously and am seriously contemplating on whether or not to purchase it. 🙂

  25. This is an awesome – super in-depth – review. I appreciate the transparency you provide, as many other bloggers do NOT do that.

    I will say that I have friends taking the course and they’ve mentioned the same things you did – that most of what is covered in the course is also covered in the book (which most of us have already read if we are considering taking the course).

    I think if you need a jumping off point and have $300 to throw down, her course seems like a great idea. If you’re a self-starter, though, I think the book is a better option – based on what I’ve heard from others taking the course.

    Again, I appreciate the transparency, I think it’s great. Thank you for all that you do.

  26. I knew I was going to like this review as soon as I read “us tall girls have to stick together.” Totally agree on that point! 🙂 I too have been on the fence about whether to sign up for EBA. Your review has helped me decide that purchasing her book will be the better decision for me. Thanks for your very thorough and helpful review. Like you said, $299 is a decent chunk of change and so I very much appreciate your honest feedback that can help others (like me) decide what might be best for our own situation.

  27. So Amy,
    I am also considering taking this EBA course. I was looking at a different blogging course that also included some design, but that course was taken down for updates and has not been up for about 6 months. I would so consider taking a course from you on set-up and basic design of a blog. Choosing and installing a theme, arranging sidebar, plugins etc. What do you say?

    1. Hi Becca,

      Well, I’ll tell you it makes my day that you suggest it. Thank you.

      I do have something else I’m trying to pound out (which I think may be helpful), but the launch date keeps getting delayed as I’m trying to figure out the best delivery vehicle. LOL. Technology. It’s not easy. 🙂

      1. Well please let me know when you have it down. Or if you’d like any suggestions on what could be included, feel free to contact me!

        1. Do you get The Useletter? That’s where the announcement will come first when it does. It will also be indicated on my site too.

          And I’d be glad to hear any feedback or suggestions at any time! Email me at amylynnandrews [at] gmail [dot] com.

          Thanks, Becca!

  28. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the honest review.

    This review came at a opportune time, I am budgeting for education in my business. Hoping I will get to a conference soon.

    Here is my stumbling block, I often feel like a lone ranger because I one of the few female bloggers (that I know of) that blogs on business topics particular in Marketing, Sales and a little Social Media. I’ve really been wanting to grow that relationship side with other business bloggers. I have looked at several sources to find a community of business bloggers but so far no real luck. I would love to hear from some other men and women that are business bloggers. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    I am giving serious thought to trying out Ruth’s online academy.

    Thanks everyone for all the great comments. Thanks Amy for your continued great topics on your blog.

    The Money is in the Follow up!

  29. {Kathy} My blogging partner and I have been enrolled in EBA since September and have seen some amazing results. Our Pinterest traffic increased 20-30% in just ONE MONTH using her strategies. Talk about hitting a bull’s eye! After reading your review, I would have to strongly disagree about the amount of content in her book verses the EBA course. Since I’m a metaphor girl… I would compare the book How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul (Expanded 2nd Edition) to reading a recipe in a cooking magazine, looking at the beautiful pictures and deciding that one day I might make that delicious looking dish. Elite Blogging Academy would be someone doing the grocery shopping, prep work, helping me cook the dish, side-by-side in my own kitchen and then tasting it myself to see how delicious it is. See the difference?
    There’s a big shift when there is support, encouragement AND good practical teaching.
    I only wish that EBA would’ve been around years ago to save me the time and frustration of picking through the internet, straw by straw, to get our blog up and moving toward success sooner!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, Kathy! I truly am thrilled that you’ve seen such great growth. It’s a testament to Elite Blog Academy and the great potential it offers. I gladly welcome anyone to comment and share their experience.

      I think your metaphor is a good one and I wouldn’t argue with it! Here’s where I’m coming from…

      My goal is to arm my readers with as much straightforward information as possible, so they can make the best decisions for their unique situation. The tricky part is, my readers represent a very large range of unique situations. 🙂

      I have readers at all blogging levels – those who’ve barely heard of blogging to those who’ve been blogging for years.

      I have readers at all time-commitment levels – those who blog a few hours a week to those who blog full-time (and more).

      I have readers at all budget levels – those with no budget at all to those making well over $100K a year with plenty of room to invest back into their business.

      So in my review, I was trying to look at Elite Blog Academy from as many perspectives as I could – from newbie to veteran, from “I’m ready to step it up” to “my time is maxed out with other projects right now” and from free to huge budget. No easy task to cover all the bases and there’s always room for improvement on my part for sure. 🙂

      I tried to effectively describe the blogger I think would benefit the most. I tried to think about the blogger who might prefer alternative ways to glean from Ruth’s expertise if they don’t have the time to devote to the course intensity. I tried to address the blogger who is already involved in other mastermind groups and doesn’t have space to add another. I tried to offer a solution to bloggers who simply can’t afford the course at this time.

      Just for fun, maybe I can try to express my thoughts using your metaphor…

      This is what I was trying to communicate in my post: “Hey y’all, you may have heard of the dish called EBA. I read the recipe (i.e. the book) and then bought all the ingredients and now I’m part-way through actually making it (the course) myself. I can already tell some of you are really going to love making it (i.e. ‘For new or newer bloggers who….I think the course would be an excellent investment’). For others of you, be aware that it’s time- and energy-intensive and it’s a sizable financial investment. If you’re not in a place where you can commit to that, consider picking up a copy of the recipe first (i.e. the book) to see if you want to go all in and actually make it yourself (i.e. ‘For seasoned bloggers who…you might consider the book…’).”

      I’m not sure if that helps to clarify (or if I needed to clarify, LOL), but those are my thoughts said in a different way.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  30. Thank you so much for this very thorough and honest review! I had seen this course advertised on another blog that I read often and that particular blogger has been very transparent about her increase in views and income. Naturally, I was curious about this course after seeing her results.

    But $299 is a lot of money so I spent a lot of time pouring over Ruth’s blog and then ordered her book. I thought the book would be a good gauge as to whether or not I wanted to invest in the course and it proved to be just that. For me, at this juncture, the book is enough. If I manage to follow through on all the good stuff in the book, I should be well on my way to earning money on my blog and then if I decide I need the course, it might actually pay for itself.

    I do think, like you mentioned and as Ruth mentioned in her book, that the information might have to be tweaked if you’re not a lifestyle blogger, which I am not.

    I’m very thankful for this review and also for people like you and Ruth who are so willing to share what you’ve learned with those of us who are still figuring out all of this blogging stuff. I can tell you are both very sincere in your efforts to help people and it isn’t all about the dollar for either of you. I trust what you have to say. Thank you!

  31. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I just read her book about a month ago and have been working hard to implement many of the things I’ve learned. I too, think I’ll stick with that for now and hope to try a blog conference next year.

    Can I ask a question about a blog conference? There’s only a few bloggers out there writing to my exact audience (those raising a family with a chef). Should I go to a food blogger conference, or just one for bloggers of any niche. Not sure which one would be best for connections. Any thoughts?

  32. Amy, I have seen MANY blog posts by students of Elite and I really appreciate your candid review, as well as your honest response to Ruth’s comments. Those situations are tough. That is why I follow you, because I know I’m getting straight talk! Thanks!

  33. dear Amy, thank you so much for a transparent review !! It makes a lot of sense. I took an ecourse from a very respected blogger when I started my blog in April, and although I love her 100% and love the new connections I made from the class, I don’t think I learned anything really substantial or new! perhaps because I was always really curious and I like to learn, read and get to the depth of things on anything I decide to do. I know you are like that too, so appreciate your honest sharing!! hugs and happy holidays!!

  34. Hi Amy! Thank you for posting this thorough review. I too am in the EBA course and loving it. Since implementing Ruth’s strategies my traffic increased over 3700% and I’m not a frugal or DIY blogger. I have found her strategies work for me as a Christian blogger, just writing to empower and encourage others to live their best life. I’m making my way through the course slowly as I implement each of her suggestions and do the homework. You’re right, it’s a big commitment and I can imagine that if you take the course and don’t actually do the work, you probably won’t see the benefit. I personally read Ruth’s book, hired her for some private consulting, and am still learning from this course! When I first started blogging I took an online blog class from a different blogger {for an even higher price} that got me started. Because of that class, I thought I had an idea of what to expect. I can honestly say EBA has exceeded my expectations in every way. Ruth is accessible, available and engaged in the forum, the curriculum is clear and concise, the lessons are challenging and focused, and the handouts and bonus material she delivers throughout the course continue to amaze me. I have never met a blogger more generous with her knowledge and experience than Ruth. By all means, buy Ruth’s book, but if you’re ready to do the work it takes to “take your blog to the next level” then I truly believe EBA will help you get there.

  35. Does this mean we’ll be seeing you in the forum, Amy? I hope so – I am loving Elite Blog Academy, especially the community. This is a group of bloggers who are working hard and are incredibly generous with their advice.

    Personally I’ve seen my traffic triple since starting the course at the end of September. Others have had similar results. As you mentioned, the Pinterest strategy especially is powerful.

    Thanks for your review – I appreciated some of the points you brought up.

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and especially that you’ve seen a difference in traffic! That’s awesome!!

      Unfortunately, new members aren’t able to join the Facebook group (which I would’ve enjoyed!), only the new forum on the site. Any word that the private FB group will move to the new forum or are you guys staying put?

      Thanks so much for your input!

      1. Thanks for the very thorough review Amy! To answer your question, the FB group will be transitioning to the forum so that all students are able to connect in the same place.

        1. Oh, one thing I would disagree with is that 90% of the content in the course is in the book. While the course follows the same basic outline, EBA goes FAR more in depth than the book in every single unit. This can be somewhat deceiving at first glance if you haven’t actually worked your way through the material and completed the exercises, but I would say it is more like 10-15%. 🙂

          1. I’ve given this quite a bit of thought because, first, I very much respect you Ruth and second, how can two business-savvy, intelligent women come up with such vastly different numbers, right? 🙂

            While my goal is to be as objective as possible in my reviews, I am not immune to bias (or even gross exaggeration at times)! So naturally, upon reading your comment, I immediately wondered if my estimation of 90% was inaccurate.

            You are absolutely right when you point out that I did not complete every assignment (I tried to be forthright about this in my “total transparency” section at the beginning of the post). I understand you to be saying that had I actually completed the exercises, I would have dug deeper.

            I think this is a fair point. In fact, I concede you are correct—that had I actually completed all assignments, I would have arrived at a number lower than 90%.

            In the spirit of informed decision-making for all, I would also like to provide an explanation of my process and how I initially came to the figure I did.

            As I watched the EBA videos, I had the book in hand (which is excellent). The chapter titles directly correspond to the course unit titles (as we both agree). However, in my opinion, with regards to the content of the book & course, the similarities go far beyond the basic outline.

            Not only are the chapter headings the same, many of the section headings and sub-points are the same as well. I easily followed along in the book (page by page at times), and in general I was able to anticipate which tips would come next as I thumbed through and “looked ahead” in each book chapter.

            As for the worksheets and assignments that accompany each unit, some were indeed different and/or more in-depth than what was covered in the book. On the other hand, others were replicas of the ones in the book. So, when I wrote the post, I estimated 90% was the same.

            But as I mentioned, I will accept that 90% is too high. However, I don’t agree that my estimation was 75-80% too high and should be only 10-15%. Where would I land at this point? I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps somewhere around 70%? (Again, I want to reiterate that I’m speaking about the content of the book and course, not the extras.)

            But in the end, do precise numbers matter?

            The important thing is not the numbers, the important thing is value.

            What is valuable to me is not necessarily valuable to someone else and vice versa. This is the reason I tried hard to look at the product from as many angles as possible in my review.

            Two people often spend the same money on the same item and experience vastly different levels of value. But this is how change and innovation are achieved! The differences in opinion and experience are often the very things that make us collectively better. We learn things we didn’t know, we try things we haven’t tried and we embrace things we might never have had the courage to embrace on our own.

            As a case in point, I’d like to highlight Sarah’s comment, which I was ecstatic to see. She is part of EBA and has not only seen her traffic TRIPLE(!) since September, she has established extremely valuable relationships as well. For her, I imagine 10%, 15%, 70%, 90% is irrelevant! I think we can safely assume that in her case, EBA has paid for itself many times over!

            And that, THAT is what floats my boat, flies my kite, tickles me pink (enter your own phrase here). I love watching others do their thing and thrive in online business. The internet has leveled the playing field and there is so much room for all of us to find our own space and to take advantage of its money-making potential. There is plenty of internet pie to go around!

            Additionally, I am certain your goal in creating EBA mirrors mine: to see other bloggers dive in, get what they need and explode in growth! In that, I’m sure we agree.

            To me, this is not about reviews or comments. It’s not about two bloggers who disagree (hopefully not going at it viciously for all to see).

            This is about offering helpful products and honest feedback. It’s about raising the bar and helping others. It’s about growth, as individuals and as a blogging community.

            You have no idea how much I appreciate your work.

            Too ALL of our success,


          2. Amy,

            I am so glad you mentioned Ruth’s book and the value it has. I am not in a position to pay $499 for a course at this time. (Based on your review, I will be happy to do that in due time.) Being able to use your strategies I’m learning from you and a book with additional strategies to help meet my goals is exciting. Even if you both have different points of view on a topic, I can see which would work for me.

            Thank you for the update on her course and the review of what you’ve experienced before. I look forward to learning more from both of you.

            Tammy Tergerson

        2. Hi Ruth, so is the idea that all students from all classes will remain together and then more members join as each class opens again?

  36. Thank you so much for this honest and thorough review, Amy! I always trust your advice.

    I love Ruth’s book, and Sarah and I have considered taking her course at some point. However, I think right now it’s not the right fit. We’re grateful to be building relationships left and right, and we need to keep fostering those. And, like you, we’re always consuming massive amounts of content on traffic building/marketing/etc. It’s more just the time to implement each step.

    Still, we may consider it in the future if we’re at that point of having time and saying, “ok, what next…. we need to grow, and we need actionable steps to do it.”

    Thanks again, Amy!

    1. Sounds like the move I’d make at this point too. You guys are doing awesome and if you implement what you read in Ruth’s book, I think you’ve got most of the info you need!

  37. Thank you for this! I have been thinking about this course for the last couple weeks. I am a new blogger and your post really helped me make up my mind. You addressed several questions I had (one being that I already purchased her book, so I wondered how much would be review). You helped me make up my mind for sure. I appreciate the time you took to review the course!

  38. Thank you for this great review, Amy.

    It has really, really helped me make up my mind about this…and a few other products/projects too! That list about ‘considering EBA if you…’ is just what I needed.

  39. Thank you very much for such great review, Amy. how you mention positive and negative issues. I am not sure if I need to join this course. Now I know what to do.

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