When to Buy & Not Buy the Genesis All-Theme Package

Updated June 24, 2020

Note: As of June 2020, the Genesis Pro Plus All-Theme Package is no longer available. It has been replaced by Genesis Pro.

Maybe you just started your WordPress blog or website, or you’ve been at this a while. Either way, at some point, you’ll ponder WordPress themes. Thousands of choices. What to choose?

I’ve used many WordPress themes for sites over the years, on my own sites and as a web designer for others. Many years ago I found Genesis (made by StudioPress) and I’ve used it ever since.

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Things I like about Genesis

  1. There are tons of themes to choose from (see them all here) allowing you any “look” you want.
  2. The themes are built well, with security, speed and SEO in mind.
  3. The company that makes Genesis (StudioPress) has proven to be a leader in the WordPress space.

What to do when you don’t want to be locked into one theme

I’m one of those types that likes to switch things up every once in a while, so a few years back I bought the All-Theme Package.

This gives me all the Genesis themes, both past and future, for one fixed price. I can change my mind and my design as often as I like. For me, this all-theme package has paid for itself many times over.

However, I don’t recommend it for everyone. Read on to see if it might be right for you.

As I said, I do not think this is a good investment for everyone. (Let’s be real y’all, it ain’t cheap.) However, for some, it’s an excellent idea. This is my advice:

I would not jump on this deal if any of these apply to you…

  • You hate dealing with your theme and you have a designer who can help.
  • Your current design is working well for you, you love it and don’t intend to change it anytime soon.
  • You don’t have plans to start a new blog or website in the near future (for an ebook, an author site, another project, etc).
  • You are on a budget and/or could use the money for something else!
  • You are not interested in becoming a blog or web designer.

Consider this deal if any of these apply to you…

  • You’re a website/blog designer or would like to become one.
  • You like to change your design ever once in a while. (Like yours truly.)
  • You would like to “test drive” different themes before you land on something long term.
  • You anticipate starting another blog or website in the future (for your book, project, product, business or special topic).

If that’s you, check out the package here.

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6 thoughts on “When to Buy & Not Buy the Genesis All-Theme Package”

  1. Thanks for the information Amy. My husband and I debated purchasing this all week and went for it today. I’m so excited..I just purchased 62 Genesis themes for under $5 each. What a deal! I can’t wait to start making improvements to my website.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I actually got the Genesis Prose theme a year ago when I started blogging because of you. Just a question: how does your new theme relate to Prose in terms of behind the scenes. One of the things I like about Prose is that it does let you customize a lot . . . and even more since I learned a little CSS and got Genesis Simple Hooks.


  3. Hi Amy Lynn, I just thought to drop you a Thank you note. I am new to blogging and discovered your blog lately. I am learning a LOT of practical info from your blog and weekly news letters. Thank you for your work. Magdalena

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