How to Link to a Specific Tweet or Facebook Post

I shared this tip on my Facebook page a while back, but it’s useful so I thought I’d put it here to in case you missed it.

Sometimes it’s handy to be able to reference a specific tweet, status update or other social media post. Linking to or isn’t a good idea since the specific post you’re referencing will likely be long pushed off the homepage.

To get the URL for a specific post on social media sites, simply click the timestamp. Then you can grab its unique URL and use that link wherever you’d like – on your blog, in an email or on another social media platform (think cross-promotion).

For example, let’s start on Twitter. Let’s say I find this tweet and want to link to it for sharing. I can simply click on the timestamp.

When I do, I’m taken to that tweet’s own page and I can grab the URL here and use it wherever I want. Easy peasy.

It’s the same for Facebook. Just click on the timestamp for any status update or comment.

Clicking on the timestamp brings you here and then you can grab the URL. It’s great for referencing a previous conversation.

And it’s not just for Twitter and Facebook. You can apply the same principle to other social media platforms like Instagram, etc. It’s all about the timestamp!

30 thoughts on “How to Link to a Specific Tweet or Facebook Post”

  1. I’m curious about something. I have my fanpage linked to my twitter so that whenever I post an update, it creates a tweet of that post automatically. If it’s a short post, the tweet looks normal, but when I post long, I only get the first part of the post in the tweet and the rest of the tweet is a link that goes to the specific post on facebook. Is there perhaps a way so that whenever I post on my fanpage and a tweet is generated, that there is a link to the post on facebook in the tweet no matter the character length?

    1. I typically manually enter all my posts and tweets as I find I get better engagement that way, however, you might look at Buffer and see if that does what you want. I hope that helps!

  2. I totally love the idea. But I just tried to click on a timestamp on facebook and it seems it’s not clickable. Did something change once again?

    Thank you 🙂


    1. I don’t think so…perhaps a temporary hiccup in Facebook? That’s my thought. It’s working for me…

      1. you are right it’s working for me now as well. thanks for the cool tips and advice.
        I’ tweeting those things now from my fanage can’t wait to see the results.
        – mark

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