My Honest Review of Grow Your Audience (a.k.a. Moolah) by Rachel Miller

Updated January 11, 2020

If you want to make money online you simply must have an audience. You could have the best blog, product or service on the planet, but if people don’t know about it, you’ll never make money. So, how do you find and connect with your audience so they know you exist?

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I bought the full course in 2018, mainly to vet for my readers. Then I bought the updated 2020 version, this time with the intention of implementing it myself. Then I bought an upgrade to her membership after that. All that to say, I’m a paying customer 3 times over.

What is Grow Your Audience?

Grow Your Audience is a digital course + community by Rachel Miller. She teaches business owners — both online and brick & mortar in every imaginable niche — how to identify and find their audience. The ultimate goal? Spread your message and increase revenue.

Rachel Miller is a Facebook expert and wisely uses Facebook as the starting point to find your audience. With 2.5 billion users, Facebook dwarfs every other social media platform. If online business owners aren’t on Facebook, they’re almost certainly missing out.

And, unlike a lot of Facebook resources available, Rachel emphasizes organic Facebook growth, boosted by small ad spend, instead of the other way around.

My opinion of GYA, in summary

I’m hard to impress. Grow Your Audience, despite its cons, impresses me. It’s packed with information, much of which I have not heard elsewhere, or explained quite the same. For established online and offline business owners who take it seriously, it will almost certainly impact reach, and more importantly, revenue.

As with any course, I do not recommend it for everyone. Not only is it a huge investment ($997), it’s not a great fit for all. But even if you don’t purchase the course, I highly recommend the free content Rachel shares. See this section below.

Table of contents

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My go-to Facebook resource

My go-to Facebook resource is Rachel Miller. In 2018 I bought her course Grow Your Audience (formerly FB Page Strategies, a.k.a. Moolah Marketing) for three main reasons:

  1. I was hearing a lot of buzz. I’ve spent the last 10+ years following blogging and social media. I’m particularly interested in how people make money online. I wanted to see if the buzz was warranted.
  2. I wanted to vet the course for my readers. I’m often asked by readers for my opinion about different products and services. I’m not comfortable recommending something I don’t have personal experience with. So, when I see a product making a stir, I usually buy it myself and work my way through. I want my readers to know I’m speaking from a paying customer’s perspective. (You should know, when I review courses like this, I do not personally implement all the strategies in my own business.)
  3. I wanted tips. Social media is not my forte. I was hoping Rachel could offer some practical advice.

I have since purchased the updated version to implement myself.

But isn’t Facebook dead?

I get the sentiment. But here are two things to consider…

Sheer numbers. There are almost 2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook. That’s 8 times more than Pinterest, 8 times more than Twitter, 2 times more than Instagram, 2 times more than WhatsApp and 2 times more than Messenger (source). And remember, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp are all owned by Facebook.

The number of people Facebook has in its ecosystem is astronomical. Facebook might not have the exciting reputation of other platforms, but it’s far from dead.

Discretionary income. As business owners, we need customers with discretionary income. Facebook is often brushed off as the platform where “old people” hang out. However, it’s often the “old people” who have more discretionary income.

When is it available?

Twice a year, usually in January and June. Enrollment is open for about a week each time. It was last open January 5-10, 2020. To be notified when it opens again, get on the waiting list here.

Who created Grow Your Audience and do they have credentials?

Rachel Miller, and yes, she has credentials.

Rachel is responsible for growing several successful Facebook Pages, the largest of which is Quirky Momma. Quirky Momma has over 3 million Likes. Rachel no longer works on the QM Page but was a driving force until it reached over 2 million Likes.

In addition, she grew OneCrazyHouse to over 500K in 18 months. She grew CrazyCatLady to over 50K in 4 months with $5 a day in ad spend.

But does Facebook Page growth equal money? Yes, if you leverage it right. Rachel does not publish her revenue numbers to my knowledge, but I know she has made millions of dollars over the years.

How much does Grow Your Audience cost?

$997. There is a payment plan if desired. There’s also a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Is it worth it?

For some, absolutely. I don’t say that lightly. I am not a fan of most of the pricey digital courses we see these days. A thousand dollars is a lot of money, but I’m confident the course will pay for itself for its ideal student.

Who is Grow your Audience best for (the ideal student)?

Consider buying Grow Your Audience if you can check off the following:

  • You already have a blog, product or service but want to boost sales.
  • You are serious about growing your business and committed. If you are a hobbyist or just getting started online, hold off.
  • It’s in your time budget. The course will take about 6-10 weeks to go through. Treat this like a college course. Dive headfirst into the content. Implement it. Forsake all other social media platforms (except for a cursory glance perhaps) in the meantime.
  • It’s in your money budget. Can you pay for the course + at least $5 a day on Facebook Ads for 6-8 weeks?
  • Your target audience spends time on Facebook. Given there are 2.5 billion Facebook users, this is highly likely the case.
  • You have tried everything you know to do on Facebook but have hit a wall.
  • You’re willing to post manually instead of using automated tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Edgar.
  • You don’t have a backlog of other courses you’re trying to work through at the same time. If you do, pass for now. Catch it the next time around. It’ll likely be updated by then anyway.

What does Grow Your Audience include?

The course is divided into modules with several lessons in each. Each lesson is taught by video. Most lessons include a printable transcript and extra resources such as printable templates, swipe copy, videos on related topics, etc.

You get a physical binder with worksheets, and content idea cards, in the mail. Carry the binder with you as you’re out and about. Work through the (easy) worksheets as you wait for kids, wait in line, etc. The cards give you quick ideas for content. (These things are pictured and described on the sales page.)

There are coaches. You can ask the coaches how the material applies to your Facebook Page directly. I’ve never seen a coaching element included in the cost of a course like this.

Also, a private Facebook Group for students is available. This is one of the most valuable parts of the course.

GYA covers topics ranging from developing your bumper sticker (a helpful concept for me, and not just for Facebook!), finding fans, your niche neighborhood, how & when to use the various post types, planning your content, virals, viral funneling, Lives, Groups, Messenger and Ads.

Does Grow Your Audience work?

Many students have impressive results. You’ll find some success stories on the main page. You’ll find many more in Rachel’s free Facebook Group. (She has multiple Facebook Groups. The free one is open to anyone; you do not have to purchase the course first.) Once you’ve joined the Group, go to the Videos tab and find the playlist called “Inspiration. People who are WINNING at Facebook.

Many students have made it into the “7 Figure Club,” meaning, one of their posts reached over a million people. There is an “8 Figure Club” also.


Depth of knowledge & experience. The amount of information Rachel understands about using Facebook organically is impressive. I have not encountered her level of expertise elsewhere.

Coaches. If you purchase the course during regular launch week (January 5-10, 2020) and you have questions about the course content, there are coaches who will jump in to help clarify. Very helpful.

MoolahDirect. An upgrade (add $597), but another option for those who want extra hand holding or extra privacy. You’ll get 8 weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls, plus access to the coaches’ private Slack channel.

Great teaching. Rachel’s a former high school economics teacher. She explains the concepts well, complete with markers, white boards and diagrams. That’s great for those of us who struggle with social media (me!).

Success stories. For many who fully implement them, the strategies in the course work. And those wins are freely shared among the students. Search #moolahwin in the Facebook Group.

Success stories in a wide range of niches. It’s the most niche-diverse bunch I’ve been a part of to date. The wins come from a wide range of niches too.

The Facebook Group. The course itself will give you the framework and foundation, but you’ll get so much more in the FB Group. Do not skip it! Note: Rachel runs more than one Facebook Group. The one I’m referring to here is the one for students only. There’s also a free one for anyone.

Rachel’s enthusiasm. Rachel and I are very different in style and personality but I’d do well to have a fraction of her enthusiasm for social media. She is high energy, real, not afraid to try stuff and quick to pivot. Rachel is the opposite of monotonous or boring. She’s fun to watch!

Much more than Facebook info. This is one of my favorite pros, and it was completely unexpected. Rachel has a lot of connections online, many of whom are quite successful in their niches. She frequently interviews them in the course’s Facebook Group, many times on business topics that go way beyond the scope of Facebook.

Love of the “little guy.” Rachel is extremely down to earth and remains mindful of those who don’t have a huge budget for incidental costs, slick systems or costly ads. Refreshing! Somehow she makes huge results possible for the “little guys.”

Tons of access to Rachel. She’s constantly in the FB Group answering questions, posting impromptu videos, addressing Facebook changes and holding Q&As or AMAs (Ask Me Anythings).

Changes are addressed. Facebook changes constantly. While the pre-recorded course content is only updated once a year or so, Rachel is very proactive in the FB Group about addressing the changes as they come up. I appreciate this.


Cost. Like I mentioned above, it’s a lot of money. Be really sure you’re the ideal student (see above) so you get your money’s worth.

Drinking from a firehose. The information comes at you fast and furious, especially in the FB Group. If you are easily paralyzed by overwhelm, you’ll have to work hard to connect the dots and keep moving forward. To combat this, focus on one step at a time and use the binder and coaching.

Lack of organization. The course content itself is organized, but there have been times when I encounter a missing piece, like a download mentioned that isn’t there, a call to action that doesn’t lead anywhere or multiple names for the same thing.

No lifetime access. With a few exceptions (i.e. if you purchased the course within a few months), you do not automatically get access to future updates.

Outdated content. I feel compelled to list this con in every review I write simply because information products about social media always become outdated. Social media changes too fast. Having said that, I know Rachel aims to update the course at least once a year. Still, within that year, it’s very possible one might encounter outdated or no-longer-working information along the way. To combat this, keep up with the FB Group!

Want a free taste of Grow Your Audience?

Even if you choose not to buy the course, I highly encourage you to join her free Facebook Group. Why? Because Rachel shares a TON of excellent information in there.

During her last launch week, she did multiple Facebook Lives sharing great info. She will take these videos down, so if you want to take advantage of her tips, do it soon.

How to watch Rachel Miller’s videos below

  1. Join Rachel’s free Facebook Group. You have to join first since the videos are posted within the Group.
  2. Once accepted into the Group, find a link to all her videos in the left column on desktop.
  3. Watch the whole thing, or reference the timestamped tips I noted below.

The above video was recorded on January 7, 2020. If you’re already a member of the Facebook Group, click here to jump directly to the video.

  • 4:48 How to choose the right profile pic for your Facebook Page
  • 7:12 Rachel got sued for using Pixabay images
  • 9:36 When, why and how to remove Likes from your Page
  • 20:30 Should I stick with my page or start a new one?
  • 28:24 How to fine tune a lifestyle Page
  • 31:00 Key: Be careful not to call people out on sensitive topics!
  • 34:15 When to start a Group (and when to wait)
  • 39:45 Some people use the free FB Group when they can’t afford to buy the course (example at 43:14)
  • 55:28 How do I prioritize all my product ideas? The stool idea.
  • 1:10:18 Should I focus on Facebook or LinkedIn if my niche is professionals?
  • 1:12:23 I sell toilet seat covers. Should I niche down?
  • 1:19:55 How does Rachel manage her time?

The above video was recorded on January 8, 2020. If you’re already a member of the Facebook Group, click here to jump directly to the video.

  • 18:29 Tips: You cannot have digital products in your Facebook Marketplace Shop tab
  • 33:38 Tips for changing your Facebook Page name
  • 36:32 Dos and don’ts for asking questions on Facebook

The above video was recorded on January 10, 2020. If you’re already a member of the Facebook Group, click here to jump directly to the video.

  • 0:11 How to not be overwhelmed
  • 6:38 The stages of audience growth
  • 18:33 Why there is not “lifetime access” for Grow Your Audience
  • 25:45 GYA has a sign language interpreter for the deaf (Rachel signs too!) and support in Spanish

More options for free or low-cost content…

  • Free 6-episode video series. Highlights: the bumper sticker (episode 2 at 13:05), engagement stacking (episode 4 at 6:36), the ad waterfall (episode 5 at 5:14) and viral funneling (episode 6 at 8:58).
  • 100 Perfect People. A 10-day challenge Rachel hosts a few times a year, usually leading up to the launch of Grow Your Audience. The challenge costs $10 but is definitely worth the cost for those just getting started on social media or having trouble finding your target audience on social media.
  • 3 Crazy Simple Tactics that Transform Strangers into Fans and into Buyers. A webinar.
  • The FREE FB Group. This is for non-members but still has a lot of great info. Search #moolahwin for successes. Watch the videos for great advice from Rachel.


Given the information you’ll receive and the expertise you’ll have access to, Grow Your Audience is a solid course. However, before you take the plunge (remember, high price tag!), make sure your discipline, your goals and your target audience make it a good fit. For more, check out the main page here.

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  1. Hi!
    Thank you for your honest review. I have a couple of questions: why are you taking the course again? In your case, how your page and business improved?

    1. Hi Mariana, great questions. The course has been updated since I bought it in 2018. Things change so quickly in social media. Some information from a course created that long ago is likely to be outdated.

      The course doesn’t come with lifetime updates, only 1 year at a time (see the cons above). However, Rachel did offer a significant discount to those who bought it previously so I decided to go ahead and get it again.

      I can’t say my page or business improved directly from buying the course previously. My readers often ask me for my opinion or recommendations on courses which is often why I buy them. My goal is to take an in-depth look at them, more to vet them for my readers rather than implementing them for myself (I’m in a pretty set rhythm after all these years).

      However, my Facebook Page is lame, LOL. 🙂 I need help. I bought the updated version this time with the intention of implementing some of Rachel’s ideas. I’ve already made changes, based on the bumper sticker. And I’ve actually referred to the course multiple times over the last year or so because I think the way Rachel approaches building an audience is excellent.

      I hope that answers your questions! Feel free to ask more.

  2. Thanks for your honest assessment. So many course reviews are just thinly veiled excuses for affiliate marketing. I’m going to hold out for next time around.

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