The Useletter® (rhymes with newsletter not juiceletter) is for online business owners, bloggers and those who want to work from home. I’ve been a student of the online world for over 16 years. It’s my take.

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A brief history of the Useletter®

I started the Useletter® in June 2013. For six years I sent a new issue almost every Saturday. Issue 300 was the last in the original format (mainly a tip roundup). Issue 301 will have a new format.

What will the new version be like?

It’s new territory so I’m not exactly sure how it will settle. I do know it will be more freeform and less tip-y.

Why are you no longer sharing tips?

As the pool of online content grows and is endlessly repeated and rehashed, surfacing valuable and unique tips has become extremely time consuming. I want to do less tip hunting and more project doing.

But I loved the tips you shared! Will you ever share tips in the future?

As I come across them, I will share them on Twitter. Follow me there.

Will the Useletter still come on Saturdays?

Yes, for now.

Why do I have to opt in again?

After 300 issues, the Useletter® is changing significantly. It seems right to ask if you want to continue getting my emails. I don’t want to assume. (Enter your email address above if you want to opt in.)

Can I access previous Useletters?

Yes, in the Useletter archives. Be aware, because each issue was written in real time, many issues will have outdated content.

Is the Flash Deals notifications list changing?

No. If you’re subscribed there, it’ll work the same. If you’re not subscribed, feel free to sign up.