The Useletter®

The Useletter® (rhymes with news-letter not juice-letter) is for online business owners, bloggers and those who want to work from home. I cut through the online noise. Every week I consume huge volumes of content about the online world and deliver only the most useful tidbits in the Useletter®.

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What others say…

Amy’s Useletter is the ONLY email newsletter I (a) look forward to reading each Saturday, and (b) actually read word-for-word.


Her Useletter is full of good resources and tips, and I read every word when it pops up in my inbox!


On Saturday mornings, after reading The Useletter, I let it linger in my inbox or redirect it to my “action” file. Why? Because with almost every edition there’s a link I desperately need to save for reference, a task to follow through on, an idea to implement in the coming days. Amy’s weekly resource lives up to its clever title by providing practical, usable information in a simple format. Which is really all I ever want in any kind of email.


Her newsletter is so worthwhile I have a folder set up in Gmail specifically for saving each and every Useletter.


I look forward every Saturday to receiving Amy’s Useletter. There are several factors which I appreciate and I believe make her stand out. First, she is direct and gets to the point. I appreciate her brevity. This is an art. She gets to the point, is always interesting, writes clearly and provides useful information. I have accessed her site and her You Tube training while learning to design my own site. Amy’s ability to be concise and provide useful information is an art form. I appreciate that she has shared her knowledge. Thanks. I actually miss Amy’s newsletter when she takes time off!!!!!!


I started a blog with no idea how to start a blog. It was fun, but I quickly realized that if I wanted to move beyond the hobby level I needed help. I checked a lot of places, all of them offered help for about $300 a session. But then I found Amy’s website and Useletter. I couldn’t believe the variety and quality of the content, that she shares for free. Now I am more nimble in my blogging decisions and I’m actively taking steps to make my blog the best it can be so I can reach my audience better.


I feel so fortunate to have found Amy Lynn Andrews’s blog when my own blog was just in the dreaming stage. Her advice has been realistic, truthful, and knowledgeable. She gave me the confidence to start my blog with minimal tools but with professional insight. When I read her blog and Useletter, I feel equipped to take the next steps on my blogging journey and encouraged to do so on a timeline that prioritizes my family.


The Useletter is the ONLY email I consistently open week after week. Why? Because it’s short and to-the-point, and without fail, I find something that helps my business, whether it’s how to edit video on my phone with an affordable app or how to write nice-looking Instagram captions or how to make my Instagram bio look nice and be functional. Additionally, I appreciate Amy’s honesty and practicality.


Amy Lynn Andrews was an essential part of my journey to full-time blogging. What I love most about her is her business values because they intersect with mine: minimalist, family-focused, not just following the crowd, stream-lined. I enjoy the tidbits of information she shares in her Useletter – there’s always something that I can take away. Thanks, Amy!